Can a 15 year old work at a movie theatre

Can a 15 Year-Old Work at a Movie Theater?

Now that you have researched the laws in your state and obtained a work permit if necessary (for information on work permits in your state click here), you are ready to look for a job. You love watching movies and spend a lot of time at the movie theater, so you have thought, “why not work there?” You wonder, if it is possible to get a job at a movie theater at the age of 15 or will you have to wait until you are older.

You may be able to work at a movie theater at the age of 15, however it will depend upon the particular theater.

This blog post will cover:

  • Type of work you can be hired for at a movie theater
  • How to get hired at a movie theater
  • Other options for earning money at 15

Type of work you can be hired for at a movie theater

A job at a movie theater would be a great opportunity for a 15 year-old. There are typically many other young people employed there which means your job will offer not just the opportunity to earn money, but to meet new people around your age.

When applying for a job in a movie theater, there are several roles that you can expect to be asked to perform. Keep in mind that each movie theater is different; should you be hired, the particular theater may have you perform one or all of these functions during your employment.

First, there are ushers and ticket takers. These are the employees that will sell tickets, take and examine tickets, guide guests to the correct theater and answer questions. You could also be asked to work in the concession area. When working in the concession area, you will be expected to interact with customers who can purchase popcorn, soda and candy from you. This will involve ringing up the sale on the cash register and making change. These tasks don’t require experience and there is usually not an education requirement.

While working at the movie theater, you will gain experience and should you be interested, you can seek opportunities for growth. For example there are positions for running the film projectors as well as for theater managers.

Remember that it is important to have an idea of the child labor laws and work permit requirements in the state where you live prior to beginning your job search. Click here for more information on child labor laws and work permit requirements in the state where you live.

How to Get Hired At a Movie Theater

Getting hired at a movie theater will require that you complete an application. As some movie theaters may not be open to hiring 15 year-olds, it is a good idea to contact the theater you are looking to work at to ask about their age requirements.

Should the theater be open to hiring 15 year-olds, you will want to submit an application. For many theaters, you can complete and submit an application online or you can complete and submit the application in person.

It is preferable to submit your application in person as it will give you the chance to make a good impression. Do your best to dress nicely; nice pants and a button-down shirt for example.

If you can, print out the application and fill it out before visiting the movie theater. You can then bring your application to the movie theater and ask if you can speak with a manager. The best place to make this request is at the customer service desk. You may feel nervous, but remember that at one time the person at the customer service desk had to do the same thing.

If a manager is not available, either leave the application with the person at the customer service desk and ask for the name of the manager with whom to follow up, or you can inquire as to when a manager will be available so that you may submit your application directly to them.

Should a manager be available and come to meet you, introduce yourself and give them your application. You can ask the manager if they have any current openings. If the manager lets you know that they do not, it is a good idea to ask when they anticipate next having open positions.

Regardless of whether there is an immediate opening, you will want to follow up on your application. Ask for the manager’s name so that you know who to follow up with. Also, express to the manager that you will follow up on your application in two weeks. Prior to leaving, make sure to thank the manager for their time.

Should there be no immediate openings, it is still helpful to have met with the manager. Now that the manager has met you, they will see that you present and communicate well. While they may have gotten a lot of applications, they don’t have an idea of the potential employees behind any of them.

Your submitting your application in person will have allowed you to make a good impression and stand out from the other applicants who the manager has not met. Another success is obtaining the name of the person that will be involved the hiring, along with the time that openings are anticipated. This is great information that may lead to your getting an interview down the road.

For more information on applying for a job in person, click here.

Other Options for Earning Money at 15

Should you find that the movie theaters near you are not open to hiring 15 year-olds, or if there are no immediate openings, do your best to not feel discouraged. There are plenty of other options available to you to earn money. Grocery stores, retail establishments and restaurants are all employers that may be open to hiring 15 year-olds.

Another earning opportunity to consider is an online job. Online jobs offer you the opportunity to earn money on your own schedule, often without leaving your house.

Creating blogs or websites is one possible option for online work. Businesses and individuals are willing to pay for the service of building and maintaining their website or blog.  It may sound like a job you cannot handle, but there are templates that are pre-designed and allow you to build on and create something unique.  By offering to create your first few websites or blogs for free or minimal cost, you will be able to build a portfolio of your work as well as provide references for new business.

Another possibility is designing a website or blog for yourself. Consider an interest that you have and build your site around it.  You can then learn how to drive traffic to your site; there are ways that you can earn money by doing so. Click here to learn more about building online jobs for teens.

Do you enjoy writing? If you do, online freelance writing is a great way to earn money. Check out freelancing sites like and You can build a profile and apply for writing jobs, many of which are to produce content for existing websites and blogs. Pay will vary by the client and it is a good idea to start with a low rate while you build your business.

If you know another language, translating documents is another possibility for generating income. offers translating opportunities; you can apply for the jobs that you are comfortable you can do well.

For more information and opportunities to earn money online, click here.

Should you prefer a job where you engage in person with others, consider a side job. With a side job, you will still be able to set your own schedule while meeting the needs of your clients.

A great way to earn money, particularly if you are comfortable working with kids, is to provide tutoring services. You can set your own schedule and tutor those topics that you are comfortable with. Tutoring will be challenging and rewarding, and you can work around your own schedule.

Additionally you can offer homework help services for kids in elementary school. Many parents will welcome having someone spend an hour with their kids one day or more per week to help with homework. Consider starting your hourly rate at $10. You can negotiate an increase in pay as the child you are working with shows improvement in their grades.

You can also start a service running errands for busy adults. Your service can provide help with grocery shopping, going to the post office, holiday shopping, etc.  If you do a good job and are reliable, it is likely that your customers will refer you to their friends, growing your business.

Starting a pet sitting and dog walking service is a great option for those who enjoy animals. For many, animals are family members and there is concern about leaving them when they go out of town or even for the day when they are at work. You can charge a rate per visit or walk for your services.

For more information on side jobs click here.

Whether you can get a job at a movie theater at 15 will depend on the individual theater. While a movie theater may or may not be open to hiring you at 15, it is important to remember that when looking for work, you will need to be persistent.  If you follow up on your application and nothing is available, let the manager know that you will follow up again in the following week or two to see if any opportunities have come up. Persistence will help keep you on the mind of the employer for when a new position becomes available.

Should you be unable to find a job at a movie theater at 15, there are plenty of opportunities available to you, not just to earn money but to gain valuable experience.

So, what do you think about whether a 15 year-old can work in a movie theater?  Do you agree with what was said above?  Comment below to let us know!

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