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Can teens work at a police station

Can Teens Work at a Police Station?

Older teens can work in a police station as a police officer or 911 dispatcher. However, for each of these roles, the applicant must meet specific criteria and must undergo […]

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Can teens work at the vet

Can Teens Work at a Veterinarian Clinic?

Many vet clinics will hire teens to work in their animal boarding facilities, either feeding them or cleaning up after them. Typically, in these instances, a teen needs to be […]

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Can teenagers work at a funeral home

Can a Teenager Work in a Funeral Home?

Are you seeking entry-level work in a funeral home? The following information can give you a better idea of what to expect if you make an application to a local […]

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can teenagers work at daycare

Can Teenagers Work at Daycare?

If you enjoy spending time with children and already have babysitting experience, then you may find a job working in a daycare center to be quite rewarding. Some of the […]

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can teens work in a pharmacy

Can A Teen Work in A Pharmacy?

You can work in some drugstores as a pharmacy tech intern or trainee. While some stores prefer a high school degree, many retail outlets will also hire technician trainees that […]

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