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What Does a Teenage Gift Wrapper do?

As a gift wrapper, you’ll spend your time wrapping gifts people buy for their friends and families to make the item into a more presentable gift. Gift wrappers work in their own home or booth where people bring in their items and you simply wrap it into a neat and pretty gift. You can even add more services to your business such as adding ribbons and other items. You will buy your own gift wrap and equipment needed. A gift wrapper will have to be able to work during the holidays because that is when the people will be wrapping gifts, usually for Christmas.

How Much Does a Teenage Gift Wrapper Get Paid?

As a teenage gift wrapper just starting, you can expect to earn around $1-$2 per wrap which can take around 5 minutes. Even though this seems like a high profit, you have to remember that most of your time will be spent on waiting for a customer and you’ll have to buy the wrapping paper as well. This brings us to the biggest problem with becoming a gift wrapper: there aren’t many customers. Most people can easily wrap presents themselves, so why do they need your services? You can cut down on your prices or add more services to your business which can get more revenue even if you have the same number of customers. Another problem is that if you decide to make a booth. you will have to rent a kiosk in a mall during the holidays which will cost a lot. Of course, you can earn this money back, but you will have to do some research into your local area to see if your booth location will do well.

How Can I Get Started as a Gift Wrapper?

  1. The first thing you need to do to start your own gift-wrapping business is to get all the equipment needed. Obviously, you will need to buy gift wrap for your business. More things you might consider buying are gift wrap dispensers, tape, scissors, ribbons, and cardboard boxes. You can find all of this equipment on Amazon.
  2. Find a good location for your business. You’ll want to find a good place to find customers. It’s unlikely that people will be willing to drive all the way to your house to get their gifts wrapped. Instead, you should consider renting a kiosk in a mall. These will help you find the most customers, but you will also have to consider that it costs a lot for these locations. Will you be making the money back or will you be losing money doing this? Also consider that many businesses wrap their items for customers during the holidays.
  3. Set up shop. Start putting up your equipment that you bought in step one. Quickly do this, as the more time you spend setting up shop, the more customers you lose out on and the less money you earn. Time is money, so you don’t want to sit around now. Start asking people if they need gift wrapping and get some customers. Don’t forget to add extra services to your business such as ribbons which can increase the profit of your business even more.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage gift wrapper. Gift wrapping is a very profitable business as all you are doing is spending a couple minutes wrapping and that can earn you a few dollars per present.

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