Jobs For Teens In Jacksonville North Carolina

Searching for a job in Jacksonville, North Carolina? Search no further! The city has a population of over 69,000, making it the fourteenth largest city in the state. Although it’s a military town, it has a number of outdoor activities, and more for the less outdoorsy types. Let out some stress at the unique Smash Shack, where you can literally break things—plates, glasses, vases—anything that will shatter and be noisy upon breakage.

Southwest Paintball is a great place to have some paintball fun with friends, or visit MacDaddy’s for some arcade action. Local marinas are the place to be for watersports, and hunters can enjoy the opportunity to sit in tree stands. For a piece of history, visit the Onslow Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, a venue of serenity and respect. In addition to all this, many job opportunities are available to you in this city.