Jobs For Teens In Maple Grove Minnesota

If you’ve got your sights set on a job in Maple Grove, Minnesota, you’ve come to the right place. This city retains its past with places like The Lookout, a restaurant established in the 50’s with a wonderful view of the city, while also embracing the present with places like the Studio at Rush Creek, simultaneously a coffee shop and art studio.

More into outdoorsy stuff? Elm Creek Regional Park is ripe with animals and opportunities to swim, hike, ski, and snowboard, and the local Farmers Market provides fresh produce to the more than 65,400 residents. Whether you’re shopping at Arbor Lakes or visiting Black Forest Boutique for unique artisanal treasures, there’s always something to do at Maple Grove, and many jobs for the taking.


Location: Minneapolis Company Name: Fletchers Ice Cream
Job Description: We need happy, fun, exciting people to come work in a fast-paced, coffee house and ice cream shop environment . As a barista, outstanding service to guests will be demonstrated through expertise in ...