Jobs For Teens In Plymouth Minnesota

If you’ve been searching for job opportunities in Plymouth, Minnesota, you’re at the right place. The seventh largest city in Minnesota contains more than 73,900 residents, offering many things to do, especially in the outdoors. Sledding hills can be found at French Park, and you can wakeboard at one of the many lakes.

Medicine Lake is a great place to bike, and the Fieldhouse Dome offers a place to walk, jog, and play football. There is a section of street known as “The Wall” for its steepness in Plymouth that many enjoy skateboarding down, and the Plymouth library is a wonderful resource to all. Just as it’s easy to keep healthy in Plymouth with all these activities at your fingertips, you’ll have no issue finding a job.


Location: Minneapolis Company Name: Fletchers Ice Cream
Job Description: We need happy, fun, exciting people to come work in a fast-paced, coffee house and ice cream shop environment . As a barista, outstanding service to guests will be demonstrated through expertise in ...