Online Jobs For Teens

Working online is one of the best ways to earn money as a teenager and there are plenty of options available.  We've created this page to help you understand all of the different online jobs out there and step-by-step instructions that explain exactly what you need to do to get started.  This list of jobs are simply the ones that you can do from home without having to go to a location.  Because every job isn't appropriate for all ages, we've taken the time to segment job opportunities by age so that you can choose how old you are and see all of the jobs that we feel you'd be capable of doing.  

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3D Modeler

As a teenage 3D modeler, you’ll spend the majority of your time using your computer skills to make drawings and ideas into 3D rendered objects.  These objects could be characters in a video game, buildings for an architect, or even science-related drawings.  It really doesn’t matter what the object is, what matters is that you understand how to make the objects into a 3D model.


As a teenage animator, your job will consist of using images to create an animation.  This may start out as something you draw on paper, but nowadays it’s more common for animators to use computer programs to animate their work.  There is a consistent amount of training needed to understand the programs to use, but once you’ve become trained you should be able to find a lot of jobs to work on.

Article Writer

A teenage article writer will spend their time writing for various outlets.  These could be websites, magazines, newspapers, or really any type of publication that has writers creating content for people to enjoy.  For this type of job, you’ll want to love writing and enjoy the process of informing people about information.

Audio Engineer and Editor

As an audio editor, you’ll spend most of your time reviewing audio files from other companies and editing them as they need them.  These audio files might be an interview, music, or any other audio file that needs to be polished for a final version.  The audio you edit will depend on what the client needs, but almost any time audio is involved, it will need to be edited to be finalized.


A teenage author is responsible for coming up with an idea for a book, making the book, editing, self-publishing the book on Amazon, and marketing the book to sell it. You could write non-fiction books that give information about something you know about, or you could write a fictional novel with made-up characters.  If you’re passionate about writing and willing to put in the work to market your book, this might be a great choice for you.

AutoCAD Drafter

Starting to use AutoCAD as a drafter is a great way to begin training for an excellent career.  As a teenage AutoCAD drafter, you’ll be focused on helping companies make their projects come to life.  The way you’ll do this is by using a very specialized program called AutoCAD which will let you create and render 3D objects for clients.  There is a learning curve to this program, but if you can figure out how the program works then your skills will be in demand for years to come.


As a blogger, you’ll do a whole lot of typing on the computer.  You could have a blog about your favorite video game, sport, hobby, or you could even make a blog that’s a place for you to write your own short stories.  As a blogger, your work will consist of posting new content on a consistent basis in an effort to get people to read your writing and grow an audience.

Creative Writer

As a creative writer, your job will to to create pieces of writing that are fictional and you’ll be using your imagination often.  This type of writing can be a lot of fun for creative people, but you’ll need to understand how to properly outline your story ideas prior to writing them and consistently you’ll have to consistently write for long periods of time until you finish your writing pieces.  This is often a good job for teens that enjoy writing short stories and are imaginative.

Data Entry Specialist

As a data entry specialist, it’ll be your responsibility to take data from one source and out it into another source.  This could mean typing out photocopies of paper, but it could also mean copying and pasting information into a website CMS system like WordPress.  Or, this could mean entering info into an excel file, or even a Google doc.  Data entry is a frequently used job description that often has several meanings.

Fashion Blogger

A teen fashion blogger creates a blog about all things fashion.  It might be celebrity fashion trends, every day fashion trends, fashion news, or all of the above.  Anyone who wants to become a fashion blogger should have a passion for the subject and enjoy telling others about what’s “in” from a fashion perspective.  You can expect to be writing content often in this type of job, but if you really enjoy fashion and like writing, this is a good fit.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is for those teenagers that are artistic and enjoy drawing and painting things.  A great way to start in this area is to create logos for people and practice your skills.  Once you’ve become good as a graphic designer, you can get into better paying contracts like creating concepts for websites, designing individual website pages, and really anything else where you can use your artistic talents to make a digital asset look nice.


As an illustrator, it’ll be your job to create images for people that need them.  This could mean creating images for books, comic books, websites, etc.  In order to be successful at this job and really enjoy it, you’ll have to be an artistic person who enjoys drawing and creating graphics on the computer.  In most cases your hand drawing won’t suffice, and you’ll need to understand how to transfer those images to make them digital for your clients.

Interior Designer

As a teenage interior designer, you will be responsible for planning the interior of a home, office, or other type of building. You’ll need to plan everything from where the walls are going to go to what’s going to go on them. It’s important when creating a design to think of things like water pipes and electrical wires, too. To be a teenage interior designer, you’ll also need to be creative with decorating.

Internet Researcher

Individuals or companies need to gather information online, but they don’t have the time to do it themselves so they’ll hire someone to do it for them.  Although these jobs don’t pay much, they can be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy researching. To be a teenage internet researcher, you’ll need to know how to find information online and have a good, reliable internet connection.

Logo Designer

A teenage logo designer is responsible for creating a unique logo design for a company or an individual. The logo will involve an image, text, or both. Depending on who you are creating the logo for, they may have ideas in mind already of what they want, or you will have to come up with some ideas for them to choose from. What’s important for being a teenage logo designer is that you’re creative and skilled enough to make the logo and that you’re willing to work with the client until they approve of your design.

Mobile App Developer

As a mobile app developer, your job will be to create mobile applications that people can use on their smartphones.  It could be a game, an mobile app that helps people with something, or even an idea for a unique new mobile platform that people can use.  This type of job is pretty complicated, but if you are interested in programming then you should be able to do this.

Music Reviewer

If you love listening to music, being a teenage music reviewer could be the perfect job for you. As a music reviewer, you’ll get to listen to new music before it’s released to the public and provide feedback. If you want to be successful doing this, it’s important to provide honest, well-written reviews that give good information about why you liked or disliked the song so the recording artist can know if they need to make changes before releasing the song.


All you need as a photographer is a good camera and access to the internet. What you’ll be doing is taking photographs and posting them on Shutterstock where people can buy them to use. There’s no guarantee that your pictures will be chosen, so be sure to find out what types of pictures are most in demand, and get the best possible shots. You don’t need to have training to be a photographer, but you do need to be able to take pictures that people will want to buy.


A teenage podcaster makes money by creating audio content that people can listen to online. All of your episodes will be available to the public for free and you won’t be paid for posting them at first, but as your podcast gets more popular, you can get paid by sponsors who want you to promote their products or services through the podcast.

Seller on eBay Or Amazon

Although you can start by selling used things around your house that you don’t need anymore, to work as a teenage seller full-time, you’ll need to be buying things to resell them, which means buying something for a low price and selling it for a high enough price that you make a profit via platforms like eBay or Amazon.

Seller on Etsy

To be a teenage seller on Etsy, you’ll need to make your own products or sell supplies that people use. When selling things on Etsy, make sure you are providing quality products at a good price and have fast shipping to give a good customer experience and maintain a good seller rating.

Social Media Influencer

A teenage social media influence gets paid to post links on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Before you can find work as an influencer, you’ll need to have a large following on your accounts. Then, companies will pay you to promote their products or website.

Social Media Marketer

As more companies use social media for marketing, there has risen a new online job for teens: a teenage social media marketer. As such, you will manage different social media sites for companies, which usually involves making creative posts and replying to customers to answer their questions. The main goal of any company is to bring in more customers, so you’ll need both social media skills and customer service skills.

Survey Taker

As a teenage survey taker, you will get paid to answer survey questions. Companies that need information about the general public will create surveys and then pay people to take them. Fortunately, there are many websites that gather these surveys all in one place so you can spend as much time as you want filling them out, making this an easy way to earn money online since all you need is time and internet access.

T-Shirt Designer

If you can draw or use photoshop creatively, you can be a teenage t-shirt designer! Once you create your designs, you’ll need to upload them to a website, and then wait for people to buy them. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your designs should be original, creative, and appealing to anyone, and you can make a surprising amount of money doing this if your designs are popular.

Textbook Seller

If you can find cheap textbooks, you can sell them online for a profit. You may even have your own old textbooks lying around that you can sell. A teenage textbook seller can make a decent amount of money if they’re able to find textbooks at second-hand stores or garage sales and then sell them online for a much higher price. Talking to local college students is another way to find cheap textbooks.


Finding transcription work online is easy because it’s something that computers can’t do, so becoming a teenage transcriptionist is a great way to make money online. You will be given a purely audio file or a video file and be expected to type out the words that are spoken so that the audio content has been converted into written content. The best place to find transcription work is through websites that specifically offer this work.


In order to be a teenage translator, you’ll need to be fluent in at least two languages, and be good at writing. There are many websites that want their content translated by translators, and it needs to be both well-written and accurate. If you can do a good job of creating a piece of writing that can be fully understood in the new language, then you may find yourself with a lot of translation work.


Being a teenage tutor is a great way to get paid to help younger students learn concepts they’re struggling with. The most important thing about being a teenage tutor is that you understand how to teach the subject that you are teaching, whether it’s math, science, or English. As long as you’re patient and hard-working, being a teenage tutor is a great online job for teens to do after school and on weekends.

Uhaul Reservation Sales Agent

If you enjoy talking on the phone, consider becoming a teenage Uhaul reservation sales agent. This job allows you to work from home, accepting calls from customers that have questions or need to make a reservation. The most important thing to have when getting a job as a teenage Uhaul reservation sales agent is good customer service skills. Once you’re hired by Uhaul, they will teach you everything else you need to know.

Video Editor

As a teenage video editor, you will take the footage given to you and transform it into a video that looks and sounds professional. You may need to add special effects, sound effects, or background music, depending on the type of video that is wanted. There are many opportunities now for good video editors, so as long as you have the computer software, you can make money as a teenage video editor.

Video Game Currency Seller

As a teenage video game currency seller you will make money by selling virtual currency, items, or even game accounts and achievements. The best games to choose for this are the most popular ones that make it easy to transfer items and currency to other members of the game. Once you gather currency and items in the game, all you need is a buyer to be a teenage video game currency seller.

Video Game Designer

If you want to be a teenage video game designer, you’ll need to know how to code, create video game artwork, or share ideas. Because video games are so popular, it’s not too hard to find work for a video game company if you have the right skills. If you’re really good, you may even be able to create your own video games. Either way, you can be a teenage video game designer.

Video Game Player

If your dream job is to get paid to play video games, then you should become a teenage video game player. The best way to do it is by using Twitch, a website where other people can watch you play video games live. You earn money through the ads that are placed on your video or through sponsorships. As long as you’re entertaining, you can make money as a teenage video game player.

Video Game Tester

Although getting paid to play as a teenage game tester sounds like a fun job, it also requires work. You’ll need to use different settings and play through all the levels to check for possible problems. It’s important for the game company that you find any bugs, glitches, or other problems so they can fix them before releasing the game. Be thorough and you’ll have a lot of work as a teenage game tester.

Virtual Assistant

As a teenage virtual assistant, you will help somebody get simple tasks done that they simply don’t have time to do themselves. You may find yourself checking emails, proofreading documents, making phone calls to schedule meetings, or internet research. Since there is such a wide variety of tasks that you may be asked to complete, you’ll need to be a fast learner and willing to ask questions to make sure your boss is happy.

Voiceover Specialist

If you have a good speaking voice and a decent microphone, you could become a teenage voiceover specialist. This is a great online job for teens that could lead to a lot of fun and interesting projects. You could do anything from audiobooks to cartoons. The type of work you can get depends on the sound of your voice, who you are working for, and what type of voiceover jobs you are interested in.

Website Designer

If you’re artistic and enjoy making things look pretty, you may want to consider becoming a teenage website designer.  Oftentimes people get website designers and developers confused.  The difference is that designers focus mostly on the “look” of a website and the developers focus on the coding.  Teen web designers use tools like Photoshop often and focus on the look of the pages on a website more than how the website actually works.

Website Developer

As a teen website developer, it’ll be your job to build websites for yourself or for others.  Sometimes these websites will be for people who want to have a blog, other times you might be making a website for a small business that requires 10 pages of content and more advanced functions.  The requirements for each website will differ by client and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to actually understand how to code on a computer to get started.

Website Manager

A website manager is someone who creates their own website, or gets a website from someone else, and then manages the content on the website.  This could mean that you blog on the website regularly, you approve/disapprove user comments, you update news articles, or anything else related to managing a website.  This type of job is all about managing what’s on the website so that visitors have a great experience and trying to continually grow it.

Website SEO Specialist

Being a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist can be a very rewarding job, especially if you get good at it as it’s a difficult skill to master. To be a SEO specialist, you’ll need to learn how search engines like Google choose what goes on their search results and then help get a website into those top positions. Since the way these search engines find information is always changing, you’ll need to also keep adapting your strategies.


It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to be a teenage YouTuber, but being able to make money by creating videos for YouTube can also be very fun and rewarding. The main idea behind being a teenage YouTuber is that you share something you’re passionate about with the world, whether it’s beauty tips, gaming videos, or cats. All you need is a camera and video editing software to get started.