Parents - Welcome to Jobs For Teens Headquarters!

You've probably reached this website and have a lot of questions about who we are and what we do.  

Why are you telling my kid how to make extra money?  

Are you selling something?

Why do you have jobs listed for my 11 year old child?

Who is behind this website and why should I trust them?

These are questions we get often and we will be addressing all of them on this page because it's important to us that you understand everything there is to know about our website.  Feel free to read this page from top to bottom, or use our quick navigation below.

What is Jobs For Teens HQ?

JobsForTeensHQ stands for Jobs For Teens Headquarters and, as the name implies, we are the #1 FREE website on internet for teens to find jobs.  Our website focuses on helping teens understand the different types of jobs that they can get at their respective age and encourages them to explore alternative job paths as well.  

We show job options for those that are 11-15 and 16-19.  We separate them because in most cases, those  under the age of 16 are unable to work at "regular" jobs.  With that being said, we encourage all ages to look into jobs closely related to technology because that is where our society is headed.  One of the best ways to get started is to download our FREE teen job survival guide.

Many of the jobs we list may be considered hobbies at first (creating a website, creating a YouTube channel, selling things on eBay) but these hobbies can become lucrative and will teach your child numerous skills that are valuable to employers.

Furthermore, they inspire your child to take ownership and responsibility of what they create and help them understand how difficult it can be to create a thriving business.

Who Created This Website?

This website was created by Prof. Ron Stefanski.  Prior to launching JobsForTeensHQ, Ron founded another website focused on helping felons find work after being released from prison.  Beyond that, Ron has taught at four different colleges as an adjunct professor and has worked at numerous companies as a manager of digital marketing.  You can learn more about Ron by visiting his Linkedin Profile.

What Kind of Jobs Does This Website List?

The way we see it, there are five different types of jobs that teens can get.  Full-time jobs, Part-Time jobs, Online Jobs (Websites, Etsy, Ebay, YouTube), Side Jobs (mowing grass, baby sitting, watching animals, shoveling snow), Summer Jobs (Being a lifeguard, opening a lemonade stand, yard work, landscaping etc.)

In all cases, the job types listed are specific to the age.  For instance, we don't list mowing the lawn as a possible job for an 11 year old because, well, that's pretty dangerous.  So, all of the jobs listed on each page are specific to the respective age group.

Why Is My Kid Asking to Make a Website?

Our founder is an advocate of getting teens involved in website coding and development because he does this himself and is confident that it's a skill that will set your teen apart from other individuals in the job field.

Our society is very tech-centric and the more information your teen understands about technology, the better chance they have of securing an excellent job.  

Also, please realize that your teen CAN make money with an online business.  We are not referring to the scammy type of online businesses that promise thousands of dollars overnight, but even a well-written blog can make money from advertising revenue.  Here's a video that explains nine ways that websites make money.

If you still aren't buying it, here's an article that lists some of the top online entrepreneurs under the age of 21.  

What Does This Website Sell?

Nothing.  Our website is a 100% free resource and is great for informational purposes.

On occasion, we recommend affiliate products that we believe are suitable for our audience.  This means that you are supporting our website by using these links because if you choose to use these resources, at no additional cost to you, we will be given a small commission.

Note that we never list affiliate products unless we are sure that they will help you and your teenager and encourage you to only use them if you think they will help too.

How Do I Contact The Staff?

If you have questions, please contact us at Support (at)

FREE Teen Job Survival Guide

What Does This Guide Cover?

  • Find out where your teen can work, our guide lists the industries and jobs that hire teens of all ages.
  • Straight forward interview and resume advice for your teenager, no need to stress about what they need to say or write.
  • Practical advice explaining how teens can work full-time, part-time, or even on the internet.
  • All this and much more...