Jobs For Teens

As a teenager, finding a job may seem like a difficult task.  Usually the most frustrating thing about the process is that employers want you to have work experience in order to consider you for a job, but if you've never worked before then you don't have any experience.  But that's okay, this page is here to help you find a job regardless of your age or previous job experience.

Part-Time Jobs For Teens

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Jobs For Teens By Age

Sometimes it's easiest to look at jobs for teens by age because you might be a little too young for typical job advice.  Below we have listed all of the ages that our website can help, please select your age below.

Online Jobs For Teens

Many teens don't realize that one of the best ways for them to make money is to work online.  This kind of work is awesome because you only need to have the internet, a computer, and the will to learn the required skills to begin.  With a list of over 40 job ideas, you'll find something you love.

Summer Jobs For Teens

If you're looking for a way to earn money during those warm summer months, this is the place for you.  There are plenty of summer job ideas if you're willing to work hard, and we've done our best to compile a list of over 50 summer job ideas that you may enjoy.

Winter Jobs For Teens

When it's cold outside, there are still plenty of opportunities for teenagers to make easy money.  The truth is, cold winter months and snowfall create a number of opportunities for those that are willing to work hard.  We've compiled a list of over 30 winter job ideas just for you.

What Industries Hire Teens?

As a teen, it's important to understand that there are many industries that are open to working with you.  All of the companies in these industries will differ, but knowing that there is so many of them will probably give you more confidence that getting a job isn't that difficult after all.


Perfect for teens that enjoy socializing with the public and working in a team, this industry offers a variety of places to work for such as book stores, clothing stores, convenience stores, department stores and other retail stores. This type of job involves various duties such as inventory, stocking shelves, product demos, handing out samples, customer service or operating a cash register. 


A job in the food industry will provide an opportunity to develop your social skills while earning an income. This job fits sociable teens that enjoy interacting with the community and working as a part of a team. A lot of restaurants and some fast food chains allow their staff to earn tips so there is an opportunity for higher earnings aside from the usual $8 to $12 hourly wage. Food service jobs are not only limited to wait staff, you can also apply for positions like hosts or hostess, busboy or busgirls, and even cooks.

Amusement Parks

Are you a rollercoaster fanatic? Can’t get enough of cotton candy and corn dogs? Do you want to know how it’s like to dress up as a furry mascot? Then try the amusement park industry!

Admission and game attendant, concession staff, ride technician, janitorial worker and costume characters are just some of the amusement park jobs available in this industry. Most of these jobs require working outside under the sun and assisting the public.

Theme park employees earn about $8 to $10 an hour to start, but the real compensation is in the benefits of being able to enjoy the park whenever you have time off. So if you are pleasant, enjoy working with people, can tolerate noise and heat, this job is perfect for you. Plus, who doesn’t want free ride-all-you-can access in your favorite amusement park?

Summer Camps

Do you have an interest in leadership? For teens that are natural leaders or educators, a summer job as a camp counselor is an ideal pick. This type of job is commonly for teenagers who are 16-18 years old. This also fits those who already have experience with baby-sitting and assistant tutoring.

During the summer season, many young children join both day and night camps; hence there is a need for teenagers who are interested to serve as camp counselors.A counselor’s role may differ based on the skills you possess. One may be a general counselor, those who have skills in painting and drawing can be an artistic counselor, if you are a good swimmer you may use that skill to be a part of the camp’s waterfront and lifeguard team, and if you are naturally a cheerful person, be an all-round camp entertainer.

You'll gain endless new skills and confidence, plus you'll get to be involved in a lot of different activities. It’s non-stop and yes, you’ll get tired, but rest assured that this job will be one of the best jobs you’ll have because you'll be molding the lives of younger children.


Teenagers spend most of their time navigating the Internet. If you love writing online, developing apps, creating websites or blogs or editing photos, why not put those skills into good use and work online?

The internet offers plenty of cash for any teen that has excellent skills in a certain field. Yes, it may take hours to get work but what could be better than waking up at 10 in the morning and working at home with your pajamas on?


If you are passionate for music or arts, or you're just really good at a particular subject in school, you can put your skills to good use by teaching others.  This job will not only enable you to teach others, but it will also be a pleasurable experience because you are able to transform your talent into cash and really help out others who need it.


If you want to gain leverage, you should consider getting an internship or administrative job in your chosen field. Working in this industry will not only be a good source of earnings but can also boost your confidence in job interviews and become familiar with office life.

Job responsibilities include simple tasks like typing, answering phones, filing, copying, creating documents, and running errands for the big boss. This is ideal for older teens that are great with computers. There are only limited positions for this type of job so it helps to start early because great internships and admin positions tend to get filled quickly.


When you're first starting out, one of the better paying jobs you can get is an inside sales job.  This basically means that you'll make calls all day and try to sell people something over the phone.  While it isn't always enjoyable, if you find a good company that has a good product, you might be able to sell a product or service pretty easily which will be gratifying.


Babysitting is one of the most common jobs not just for teens but for everyone. If you generally like kids and you have a nurturing personality, you should consider taking on a summer job as a nanny or babysitter. The demand for this job is very high during the summer season since employed parents need to secure childcare for their young children.  Though this job pays reasonably well, it will require a great deal of patience and skills. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be pleasant to meet and connect with different kinds of people?Indeed, being a babysitter is one of the most rewarding jobs out there.  

Keep in mind that being just being a babysitter, you could become a part-time or full-time nanny which will be more hours and better pay, but also more responsibility and expectations.

So there you have it—some of the industries that provide endless of opportunities for teens.  Obviously this isn't comprehensive of every industry out there, but it's a good start.