Summer Jobs For Teens

The warm summer months bring about many job opportunities for any teen that's willing to work hard.  We've created this page to help you understand all of the different summer jobs available and step-by-step instructions that explain exactly what you need to do to get started.  Because every job isn't appropriate for all ages, we've taken the time to segment job opportunities by age so that you can choose how old you are and see all of the jobs that we feel you'd be capable of doing.  

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If you are good at any type of art, becoming a Teen artist might be the perfect summer job for you! It’s the perfect way to get paid to do something that you love. You can choose between making commissioned art that people pay you for in advance when they want something specific, or selling your original pieces of artwork at art fairs and festivals. Or, stay really busy by doing both!

Assistant Hairdresser

As a Teen assistant hairdresser, you won’t get to cut hair since the law requires you to have a cosmetology license to do that, but you can help a licensed hairdresser with everything else that needs to be done around the beauty parlor. That includes everything from greeting customers and sweeping the floors to shampooing hair and helping mix hair dyes. It’s a great way to get experience if you want to be a hairdresser!


Teen babysitters are responsible for taking care of babies or kids when their parents aren’t home. It’s hard working taking care of children, but it can also be a lot of fun, especially if you love little kids. Many people need babysitters more in the summer when their kids are home from school, especially when both parents are working. To be a Teen babysitter, you will need to have patience and be responsible.


Being a Teen baker is a great summer job for anyone that loves to bake sweet treats, whether you used boxed mixes or use your family’s secret cake recipe. To be a Teen baker, you’ll need to make sure you baking supplies and that your parents have a reliable oven. There are usually a lot of parties and events in the summer so it’s a good time to get started as a Teen baker.

Bike Mechanic

As long as you’re good with your hands and have a good understanding of how bikes work, you can become a Teen bike mechanic. You might be able to find work in a bike shop, or work independently, offering services to people in your neighborhood. Teen bike mechanics are responsible for things like diagnosing mechanical problems, performing repairs, finding replacement parts, and do bike routine maintenance and cleanings.

Camp Counselor

Whether you find work at a local day camp that you go to every day or an overnight camp where you will stay for the whole summer, working as a Teen camp counselor is a rewarding but difficult job. You will not only be responsible for ensuring the safety of the campers that you are in charge of, but you may also be in charge of leading certain activities throughout the week.

Car Detailer

If you are detail-oriented and love cars, consider being a Teen car detailer. Teen car detailers usually work for car washes or auto mechanics and help make sure that a car and/or its engine are as clean as possible. If working for a car wash, you will usually need to use a rag and a bucket to get into all the nooks and crannies that may be missed by the hoses and bigger brushes.

Car Washer

A Teen car washer is responsible for washing the outside of a car and cleaning the inside. It’s a job that requires a lot of physical work and you’ll probably get very wet doing it, but it’s a great summer job for Teens. The main things you’ll need to be a Teen car washer is soap and water for the outside of the car and a vacuum and rag for the inside of the car.


Although it’s hard to jump straight to being a Teen chef, you can start as a line cook at a restaurant and in time be promoted to a chef. To be a Teen chef, you need to be pretty good at cooking and excellent at following exact directions. You also need to be able to work quickly and under pressure, especially if you work at a popular restaurant that serves a lot of customers.

Concession Stand Worker

There are many fairs, festivals, carnivals, and other events that happen during the summer that make it a great time to become a Teen concession stand worker. As a Teen concession stand worker, you’ll be responsible for greeting customers, keeping track of inventory, taking money from people, and making change for people. Be prepared to work fast if you get busy and be sure to always practice good customer service when selling concessions.

Construction Worker

If you’re strong and like working outside, consider working as a Teen construction worker. You’ll need to be able to follow directions well. Although you’ll get a lot of training on the job, it helps to have a good understanding of how to use both basic and power tools before you apply for construction jobs. Working as a Teen construction worker is hard work and can be dangerous, but is a great summer job.

Dog Walker

A Teen dog walker is a great summer job for teens that love dogs and are in good physical shape. You will be responsible for giving dogs in your neighborhood their daily exercise, usually on a long walk, but you may also play with the dog at their home. You will also need to clean up after them along the walk, and make sure they have water when you return them to their owners.

Farm Hand

As a Teen farm hand, you will answer to the farmer, and do whatever they need you to help them with that day. Depending on who you are working for, you may have a number of different jobs that you will be helping with around the farm with plants and/or animals. To be a Teen farm hand, you will need to be a hard worker, enjoy working outside, and be good with your hands.

Farm Worker

If you love working hard and aren’t afraid to get dirty, you could be a Teen farm worker. Teen farm workers could help move, milk, feed, and clean up after animals and plough, sow, fertilize, spray, and harvest crops. Because there’s so much work to be done around a farm, you will likely be expected to work without being supervised all the time, so you need to be able to work on your own.

Fence Painter

A Teen fence painter can work in their neighborhood, painting fences for people. Before painting, you may also need to scrape old paint off or clean the fence to get it ready. Many people want their yard looking nice but may not be able to keep their fence painted, so this is a great way for teens to earn some extra money during the summer as long as you’re willing to do the work!

Game Tester

Nothing ruins a game company’s reputation faster than having a glitchy game, which is why you could be a Teen game tester. It’s the perfect way to spend the summer if it’s too hot to be outside. But, it’s not all fun and games. You’ll also have to do a lot of work and play the same levels over and over to make sure that every aspect of the game works perfectly.

Garage Cleaner

Most people don’t regularly clean their garage, which means it’s easy to find clients if you want to be a Teen garage cleaner. Depending on the garage, you may only need to do some simple sweeping and cleaning, or some major organizing. This is best for teens without allergies since you’re likely going to be dealing with a lot of dust, but if you can handle the dirt, it’s a great summer job.

Garage Sale Assistant

As a Teen garage sale assistant, you will help people have garage sales! Before the garage sale starts, there’s a lot of setting up, pricing, and sign-making to be done. During the sale, you’ll help customers and make sales. Then after the sale, it’s time to put everything away. It can be a lot of work, but it’s also a great way for teens to make some extra cash during the summer.


A Teen gardener could be responsible for a number of tasks in the garden. You may be asked to take care of everything from start to finish, or simply help them maintain their garden to keep it looking nice. Either way, it’s a job that requires being outside a lot, and you should have some basic knowledge of how to take care of plants before looking for work as a Teen gardener.

Gift Basket Creator

If you’re a creative person, then you could make money as a Teen gift basket creator for birthdays and holidays. It’s becoming more and more popular for people to celebrate an occasion by giving a gift basket that could include anything from food, toys, or soaps and lotions! As a Teen gift basket creator, you’ll be responsible for putting these unique gift baskets together and coming up with fun ideas for new baskets.

Golf Caddy

If you enjoy being outside, then being a Teen golf caddy could be the right job for you. As a Teen golf caddy, you’ll help out around a golf course, doing whatever is needed to keep things running smoothly. You may help golfers out on the course, keep the golf carts clean, or work behind the counter selling golf equipment. Previous knowledge of golf is helpful but not necessary for being a Teen golf caddy.

Horse Riding Instructor

As long as you have a lot of riding experience, you can be a Teen horse riding instructor. You’ll also need a place to ride and access to a horse, whether you have your own, using your student’s horse, or borrowing one from someone. Not only will you be teaching younger kids about how to ride, but you’ll also be teaching them about how to take care of horses and about horse riding equipment.

House Sitter

Whether you simply check in a couple times a day or stay there while the owners are gone, being a Teen house sitter is a great way to make some extra money during the summer. You will need to make sure the mail is collected every day, keep the house secure by locking doors and windows, and may need to take care of pets and plants while the owner of the house is away.

Household Assistant

People need many things done around the house, which is why being a Teen household assistant is a good opportunity. You may do simple things like cleaning bathrooms, dusting furniture, and sweeping floors, or you could be asked to help with big projects like organizing an entire attic or basement. Whatever somebody needs done around the house over the summer, you can get paid to do it as a Teen household assistant.

Interior Designer

Some people love to use the summer as a time to make home improvements, which means it’s a good time to be a Teen interior designer. As such, you will be responsible for going into a home and helping someone re-design a space, whether it’s as simple as choosing new flooring and wall coverings or as complicated as creating a design for a new home addition. The main requirement of this job is creativity.


Working as a Teen landscaper is a great summer job for someone who loves working outside and isn’t afraid to get dirty. You could work for a business or individuals, but either way, you will be responsible for keeping the outside of the building looking great. You may need to edge and mow lawns, pull weeds, add mulch or wood chips where needed, trim trees, and/or plant flowers, bushes, or trees.

Lawn Mower

Before you can become a teen lawn mower, the most important thing is that you know how to use a lawn mower. In addition to the actual mowing, you’ll also need to clear debris before you start, and make sure the grass clippings are cleaned up afterwards. Although being a teen lawn mower is hard work and means being outside all day, it makes a great summer job for teens to make extra money.

Lemonade Salesman

As a Teen lemonade salesman, you’ll be selling lemonade. You’ll be responsible for making or buying the lemonade before you begin, and then selling lemonade to people. Selling lemonade is a great way for teens to make money on hot summer day when people are looking for a cold beverage so if you can keep your costs low and your customers keep coming back for more, you can do well.


If you are a strong swimmer and have some basic medical training, then you could be a teen lifeguard. It’s a great summer job for a responsible teen who understands how important it is to keep everyone at the pool safe. The most important part of being a Teen lifeguard is the medical training that you may need to use in an emergency to save a life while you wait for help to arrive.

Makeup Artist

As a teen makeup artist, you will mostly need to make people look good, but may also need to use makeup to completely transform someone into someone – or something – that they aren’t. One of the best things about being a teen makeup artist is that there are many different routes you could take, from bright-colored face painting at kids’ birthday parties to making someone look amazing and professional for a TV show or movie.


If you like helping people have a good time, then you might find work as a Teen mascot. Your main goal will be getting people excited, whether you are at a sports event or a carnival. Since you typically don’t speak as a mascot, you’ll need to be great at using your hands, and should also be physically fit since costumes can be heavy and you’ll be on your feet a lot.


As a teen model, you will help sell something for a business. You may do that by wearing clothing on a catwalk, participating in photoshoots for magazines, or using that item so people can see how it works. There are so many possibilities, and although it can be hard to get started as a teen model, there are tons of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard to beat the competition.

Music Teacher

If you can play a musical instrument and are good at explaining things, you can become a Teen music teacher. Many younger kids may want to learn the instrument that you already know, so all you have to do is connect with them and you can teach them everything you know. You can be a Teen music teacher by doing private lessons, or take on a group and do some group lessons!

National Park Worker

If you love the great outdoors, working as a Teen national park worker could be the perfect job for you. You’ll not only be working within the park to make sure trails are being kept clean and are free from fallen trees, but you’ll also be helping people who come to visit the park to enjoy their time there. In some places, you may also work directly with plants or animals to keep them healthy.

Newspaper Deliverer

As long as you don’t mind getting up early, you can be a Teen newspaper deliverer. Depending on who you’re working for, you may be delivering newspapers to every home in a certain neighborhood, or you could find yourself giving out papers only to the homes where people pay to have the paper delivered. Either way, working as a Teen newspaper deliverer is a great way to make some extra money during the summer.

Pet Sitter

If you love animals and are responsible, consider being a Teen pet sitter. As a Teen pet sitter, you will be responsible for taking care of somebody’s pet while they’re not home. Sometimes, they may ask you to keep the animal at your house, but more often you will visit their home once or a few times every day. As people with pets go on vacation, this is a great summer job for teens.

Plant Sitter

A Teen plant sitter is responsible for keeping someone’s plants alive while they are on a long vacation. You will usually need to go to their home every day or every week to check on their plants, water them, and do other things to take care of them as needed. This is usually a pretty easy job, but a necessity for people with plants, making it a great opportunity for teens in summer.

Pool Cleaner

If there are people in your neighborhood that have a pool but don’t have the time to keep it clean, it’s the perfect opportunity to be a Teen pool cleaner. Keeping a pool clean involves removing debris from the water, but you will also need to learn to use special equipment to scrub the bottom of the pool. Another important aspect of pool cleaning you should know is maintaining the right balance of chemicals.

Seed Salesman

Being a Teen seed salesman is a particularly good summer job for teens who live in areas where people like to do a lot of gardening. You will need to get seeds whether you buy them or save them from your own garden, then find friends, family members, and neighbors who want to buy your seeds. Being a Teen seed salesman can be a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding work!

Shoe Shiner

To be a Teen shoe shiner, you need to have the tools and knowledge it takes to take a dirty, scuffed-up pair of shoes and get them looking brand new and shiny again. Fortunately, it’s easier than it sounds, and with a little bit of work, you could soon find yourself with a steady income shining shoes for people. Since shoes are always getting dirty again, you’ll always have plenty of work to do!

Sports Trainer

One of the hardest yet most rewarding summer jobs is a Teen sports trainer. For this job, you will need to pick a sport you’re good at, then set up a training camp for younger kids in your neighborhood. Once you get the kids signed up, you’ll get to teach them what you know about a sport and help them get better. It’s definitely a fun way to earn some extra cash in summer!

Swimming Instructor

If you’re great at swimming and love working with kids, then a Teen swimming instructor position might be right for you. It’s important to know various swimming strokes and some different strategies to help your students learn to do them well. As a Teen swimming instructor, you could be teaching little kids to swim or working with older kids on improving their strokes, making it a diverse and fun way to spend your summer.

Theme Park Attendant

Who wouldn’t want to work as a Teen theme park attendant? If you love the excitement of the crowds and noise of theme parks, then this is a great opportunity for you. As a Teen theme park attendant, you could be responsible for running a ride, selling tickets, giving out prizes, or helping visitors find what they’re looking for.

U-Haul Reservation Sales Agent

Being a Teen U-Haul reservation sales agent is a great summer job that could turn into a year-round position! People need to rent Uhaul trucks for a variety of reasons, and when they need to do that or have questions about services, they’ll call you. If you’re good with people, this is a great way to earn quite a bit of money over the summer, all depending on how much you’re able to work.

Water Salesman

When it’s hot out, people need water more than ever, so being a Teen water salesman at different events around your neighborhood could be a great way to earn some extra cash during the summer. It’s easy to be a Teen water salesman since all you need to do is buy bottles of water, go to an event with lots of people, and keep the water cold while you sell it to thirsty people.

Window Cleaner

If you’re not afraid of heights and know how to make a window sparkle in the sunlight, you could be a Teen window cleaner. There are plenty of opportunities to clean windows, whether you ask around your neighborhood or find businesses in your area that you can wash windows for. The most important thing to do as a Teen window cleaner is make sure the windows are free of dirt, streaks, and smudges.

Yard Sale Assistant

For some people, having a yard sale is simply too much work, which is where you can come in as a Teen yard sale assistant. By helping people set up for a yard sale to sell things they don’t need anymore, you could make a lot of money over the summer. Just keep in mind that it’s hard work since you’ll be moving a lot of things and talking to a lot of people.

Youth Sports Referee

To be a Teen youth sports referee, you’ll need to have knowledge of how the game works, and be prepared to be completely fair. You’ll also need to be very patient and know how to handle conflict because you never know when someone is going to question your calls. Although it requires a lot of responsibility and work, it’s a position that usually pays well and there’s plenty of work in the summer.

Zoo Assistant

If you love all kinds of animals, you could become a Teen zoo assistant. Because zoos are busier during the summer, they may hire you to help take care of the animals behind the scenes, or be working with guests of the zoo. What’s most important when working as a Teen zoo assistant is that you listen to the zookeepers so that you don’t accidentally put yourself or an animal in danger.