Jobs For Teens in Delaware

Delaware may be a small state, but that does not mean that there is nothing for teenagers to do. There are free concerts in the park during the summer months, music festivals to attend, kayaking opportunities and even the chance to take a “Polar Bear Plunge”. There are indoor and outdoor options available to keep teenagers busy. For those teenagers interested in pursuing paid employment, opportunities are available; the unemployment rate for the state as of May, 2016 is 4.1%.

If you're under 16 years of age, there are specific labor laws in Delaware that don't allow you to work for traditional employers.  Of course, if you're 14 or 15 years old you can get a work permit in Delaware, but otherwise there isn't too much information on this page that will help you.  With that being said, if you're under 16 years of age and don't have a work permit, please select the appropriate age below to find jobs that suit your age group.

If you're under 16 years old, your job options are different. Please select your age below:
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Waiter Waitress

Location: Wilmington Company Name: IHOP
Job Description: Host (hr) * Take Out Specialist (hr + tips) * Dishwasher/Busser (hr) * Supervisor (hr) * Qualities: * Friendly/ Upbeat * Team Player * Self Motivated * Energetic * Timely+ Flexible * Follows ...