Jobs For Teens In Watsonville California

Have your sights set on getting a job in Watsonville, California? With a population of over 52,400 people, this city has plenty to see and do. Gizdich Ranch is the place to go for some fresh homemade pie, and sand dollars and places to walk and bike abound at Sunset State Beach.

Go to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds for events throughout the year—as well as the County Fair itself—or hike through the beautiful Mount Madonna County Park, a must for nature lovers. The Corralitos Market and Sausage Co is the place to go for all your sausage needs, and a slice of the past can be found at the Agricultural history Project Center and Museum. Whether you’re buying some fresh produce at the local farmer’s market or getting your dapper on at Head’n Home Hats, there are a number of job opportunities for you to explore.

Sorry No Jobs Available at the moment