How to Get a Work Permit in Oregon

Getting a work permit in Oregon is much easier than most teens think, but the entire process can be pretty confusing if you've never done it before. Because of this, we've created this page which outlines everything you need to know about getting a work permit in Oregon.  If you're under the age of 16, a work permit is required to work part-time at any company, so follow what we've outlined here and you can get a job in no time.

Minimum Working Age in Oregon

Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state. While there may not be teenagers in ghost towns looking for work, employment may be of interest to teens living in the rest of the state. In Oregon, youth that are looking to work are able to do so at the age of 14. Work permits are not required for minors seeking employment in Oregon. Should an employer be interested in hiring minors, the employer is responsible for obtaining a valid Employment Certificate. Click here for more information on teen labor laws in Oregon.

Applying For a Work Permit in Oregon

The state of Oregon does not require work permits for minors seeking employment.

Transferring Work Permits in Oregon

As the state of Oregon does not require work permits for minors to begin work, this is not applicable.

Employer Responsibility With Work Permits in Oregon

While minors as young as age 14 are able to work in the state of Oregon without a work permit, in order for employers in Oregon to hire minors, they must obtain and Employment Certificate. In order to obtain an Employment Certificate, the employer must do the following:

  1. Get an application either by visiting any office of the Bureau of Labor and Industries, calling the Child Labor Unit in Portland at 971-673-0836, or by clicking here.
  2. The employer will complete the application and send it to the Child Labor Unit at 800 NE Oregon St. #1045, Portland, Oregon 97232.
  3. In order to be approved, the employment must be within the laws for minors. Should the application be approved, the bureau will send a validated annual Employment Certificate to the employer upon approving the application.
  4. The Employment Certificate must be posted in a location where all employees will see it.
  5. The Employment Certificate must be renewed annually; the bureau will send a renewal notice to the employer as a reminder.
  6. Employers that hire minors must follow all child labor laws.
  7. When a minor is hired, the employer must verify the minor’s age by reviewing a proof of age document such as a birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license.
  8. A list must be kept with the names of all minors that are employed.

Employers in Oregon who are looking to hire minors under the age of 18 will not find it difficult to do so. The process that the employer needs to follow is straightforward and easy to follow. The employer is required to follow child labor laws and must have an Employment Certificate on file and renewed annually, prior to hiring minors.