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The United States Postal Service (USPS) does have opportunities open to teens who are at least 16 years old who have a high school diploma, or who are 18 years of age at the time of application. The following topics highlight the various opportunities at the USPS for teen applicants.

  • About the UPS
  • Types of Entry-level Assignments
  • The USPS Summer Internship Program for College Students
  • Administrative Jobs
  • Sales and Service Distribution Associate
  • USPS Basic Job Prerequisites
  • How to Apply at the US Postal Service
  • USPS Benefits

About the USPS

The United States Parcel Service is the second largest US employer. This large governmental entity offers training, variety and opportunities to excel to its employees. Some programs are tailored for recent college graduates or for current college students who wish to gain on-the-job experience. The governmental employer also offers skills matching for candidates who have served in the military.

Some Important Dates

The USPS is also part of the history and culture of the US. For example, the first US Postmaster was none other than Benjamin Franklin, who was appointed to the job in 1775. The first US postage stamps were issued in 1847 and the ZIP codes were officially inaugurated in 1963.

The first US postal cards were issued in 1873 and the first commemorative stamps debuted in 1893. Express Mail® Service began on an experimental basis in 1970 and the Forever stamp was first issued in 2007. The ZIP+4® began in 1983 and the self-adhesive stamp was introduced in 1992.

Types of Entry-level Assignments

Entry-level jobs are available in the area of delivery and operations. Candidates who are interested in these types of assignments can choose from among the following jobs:

Automotive Mechanic

This individual is expected to perform repairs and schedule maintenance on various vehicles used by postal employees.

City Carrier and City Carrier Assistant

Employees in these jobs deliver and collect the mail by vehicle or on foot in a designated area. Carriers must be able to withstand varying weather and road conditions.


Employees in this job perform custodial work in USPS offices or buildings.

Industrial Engineer

Employees in this job are expected to oversee and apply industrial engineering standards and processes to enhance cost performance and services in mail operations.

Mail Handler Assistance

This USPS employee unloads, loads, and transports bulk mail as well as performs other associated mail processing duties.

Tractor Trailer Operator

Employees in this job are expected to know how to operate heavy-duty tractor-trailers, whether it is on the road, via a shuttle service or by way of trailer spotting operations.

Rural Carrier and Rural Carrier Associate

Employees who take on either of these assignments must deliver and collect mail along rural routes using a vehicle.

The USPS Summer Internship Program for College Students

Students, who are at least a college junior can also secure a 10-week summer internship program at the USPS. The USPS is looking for college students who are concentrating is the disciplines of Human Resources, Engineering, Supply, Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing, or Information Technology.

The summer internship program seeks juniors, seniors and first-year Master’s level students. During the program, student will receive work experience related to their chosen discipline. Participants in the program, collaborate on a variety of projects, and receive mentoring from senior USPS management. The program offers structured training for candidates who possess strong verbal and written communication abilities.

Recruiting for the internship program lasts throughout the year with interviews scheduled during February and March. The selection of new interns takes place during March, and chosen candidates begin work at the end of May or early June.

Administrative Jobs

Administrative skills in basic computer operations, typing, and organization are also needed in USPS jobs in the corporate sector. Review the job requirements and detail your qualifications on the USPS online application.

Sales and Service Distribution Associate

This is a career job that requires taking an exam. Employees perform sales and customer services duties at a retail window, including the sales of stamps and other USPS retail products.

USPS Basic Job Prerequisites

Applicants must be a US citizen with a recent employment history. Candidates for jobs must also be able to pass a drug screen, medical assessment, and criminal background check. All applicants applying to delivery jobs must possess a safe driving record. Some applicants must register with the Selective Service, depending on the assignment. In some assignments, you must take an exam in order to apply for a job.

How to Apply at the US Postal Service

The best way to seek a job is to first visit www.usps.com/employment. You may also visit the ww.usps.com home page and click on the tab for “Careers.” Make sure you have sufficient time to fill out an application for a specific job. Submit all pertinent qualifications along with your resume. If you are scheduled to be interviewed, you will be e-mailed with details about the location and time.

Just make sure, when you apply, that you follow all the directions thoroughly and make sure you have met all the application criteria before submitting your qualifications online. Applicants can fill out more than one application. So, if you feel you are qualified to apply for more than one assignment, you can fill out an application for each job posting.

USPS Benefits

USPS employees receive excellent benefits and compensation. Multiple life and health insurance options are available and vacation and sick leave are part of the benefits package. Qualifying education assistance is also included as a benefit as are retirement and thrift savings plans.

To give you a more specific sampling of the benefits, they include health insurance, flexible spending accounts, dental and vision insurance, and a commuter program. Generous yearly vacation and sick leave area granted as well. Applicants on the job for the first three years, receive 13 days of annual leave each year. That figure jumps to 20 days of annual leave after three years of USPS service.

So, do you believe you would like working for the US postal service? If so, what job do you like and why? Do you currently have the skills to apply? If not, what training or education do you need to obtain?

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