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What Does a Teenage Lemonade Salesman Do?

A lemonade salesman, at the very least, sells lemonade. But, as you’ll find with most jobs and businesses you are a part of, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You won’t just be selling lemonade – you’ll be providing people with refreshing drinks on a hot day. You’ll make people’s days better with a smile. You’ll be developing skills that will put you a step ahead of other kids your age when you’re applying to jobs.Of course, the money is a perk. Let’s find out what it takes to sell lemonade!

How Much Does a Teenage Lemonade Salesman Get Paid?

How much you make depends on the price of your lemonade and where you sell it. Selling lemonade won’t make you rich, but some money is better than no money. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re looking to make some extra cash this summer. The more time you spend in your lemonade business, the more you’ll make. You’ll get more if you put more work in.

Are you going to sell small cups for a smaller price? Bigger cups, bigger price? Look for different sizes of cups and ask yourself “Would I spend a dollar on this much lemonade?” If you wouldn’t buy it, there’s a good chance your customers wouldn’t either. Be careful not to charge too much for your lemonade, or no one will buy it. If it’s a reasonable price, that customer may come back tomorrow and buy another.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Lemonade Salesman?

  1. The first step in starting a lemonade stand is asking your parents for permission. If you’re planning on standing outside, selling anything to strangers, you always need permission.
  2. Now that you have permission, it’s time to get to business. You need to pick a lemonade recipe. This will be a part of deciding how much money you’ll need to start your lemonade business. Search for and choose the lemonade recipe you want to use. Think about the time and money you want to spend on making the lemonade. For example, are you thinking about making fresh-squeezed lemonade? Be prepared to pay extra for sugar and bags of lemons. A cheaper recipe would be to use a lemonade mix you can buy from your local grocery store. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to put into your lemonade.
  3. Decide where you want to sell your lemonade. This will be a decision you need to make with your parents. Will you set up shop in your yard? On the corner of your block? If you want to sell lemonade in front of any house or business that isn’t yours, be sure you ask permission from the owner or manager of that building after talking to your parents about where you want to put your lemonade business.
  4. Decide how much time you’re going to spend selling lemonade. Every business needs business hours, and if customers like your lemonade, they may come back the next day. If you’re open at the same time, on the same days, those customers will know when to come and buy more.
  5. Now, it’s time to find or buy supplies. No business is ready to open if it doesn’t have the proper tools. If you’re going to set up a lemonade stand, you’ll need the following items to start:

Table – a folding table will be the easiest to set up and take home. This can cost around $30 to $60.

A sign – You’ll need to advertise to your customers what you’re selling. You can make a sign out of poster board, cardboard, or anything large enough for you to write on and allow customers to see you’re in business.

Large pitchers – You’ll use these to carry your lemonade from where you make it, to your lemonade business and then to your customers’ cups. Speaking of which,

Paper or plastic cups – Decide how big of a cup you want to sell to customers. Make sure the cups are disposable so your customers can take their lemonade with them.

Lemonade Mix, or the ingredients in your recipe – The most important part of a lemonade business is the lemonade. Make sure you have what it takes to make it!

Once you have all these items, you’ll have the basics and can start working. If you want to serve your lemonade with ice, you may want to have an ice chest and pick up bags of ice before you start working every day. If you want to let your customers sit so they can enjoy their lemonades at your business, you’ll need chairs. Think about what you want to offer and make sure you have the tools to be able to do those things.

  1. Once you have your business plan and your supplies, it’s time to start working. Set your lemonade business up before the time you plan to open. If you want to start selling lemonade at 9 a.m., you need to be ready to start selling at that time. Make sure you have everything you need to help those customers, and they will be happy. If your customers are happy, you make money and now have a successful business! Congratulations and good luck!

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Helpful Resources

  • Amazon.com:  If you’re looking to get the materials to become a lemonade salesman they are listed below.

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