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What Does a Teenage Theme Park Attendant do? 

As a theme park attendant, you will run a booth at a theme park, such as Disneyland or SeaWorld, where you probably sell various merchandise to spectators. You may also run a tickets booth or you may run a ride in the theme park. Other minor responsibilities include recording ticket sales, attendants, reservations, etc. You will also have to clean up the theme park stand. If you want to be hired as a theme park attendant, you will need to be in good physical shape, since you will need to stand for long periods of time at your booth.  You will also have to provide information to spectators about the facilities and anything about the theme park. You’ll spend a lot of time talking to and greeting customers. It’s helpful if you have customer service experience, as that is what you will be doing for a lot of your time as a theme park attendant.

How Much Does a Teenage Theme Park Attendant Get Paid?

As a theme park attendant, you can expect to earn somewhere between $10-$20 per hour.  The biggest issue with becoming a theme park attendant is that there is very limited potential to how much you can grow as one. Unlike other careers, if you get a lot of experience, you won’t necessarily get a major promotion. The maximum you can earn as a theme park attendant, even if you are the senior manager of all the theme park attendants is quite low compared to other career fields. But even so, being a theme park attendant is great for your resume, and will drastically improve your chances of getting a job in the future, especially if this is your first job.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Theme Park Attendant?

  1. Make sure that you speak to your parent(s) before trying to become a teen theme park attendant.  Doing so we’ll ensure your safety and they’ll likely be able to help you in your efforts.
  2. Before you become a theme park attendant, you need to write a solid resume. There are probably not many theme parks near you, perhaps one or two. This being said, there will not be many positions that are available. So, you need to stand out from your competition, being fellow teens, to get a good chance at getting hired. One of the ways you can do this is by writing a good resume. A perfect resume is hard to do, so there is a link for you to perfect your resume writing skills. If you have previous customer service experiences, definitely write them down. Another skill you can write down is if you are athletic, as employers will look for fit people to do some of the more physical work of being a theme park attendant.
  3. Find your local theme parks. You don’t need to limit yourself to the big amusement parks. There are smaller ones that you can apply to, where you will have a higher chance of getting hired. You should conduct a thorough Google Search of the theme parks around you. A general way of doing this is by searching “theme parks near me,” but that is not enough. Click into the links, and you should find something along the lines of “Top 10 Theme Parks in My Town.” After this, you can move on to the next step.
  4. Apply to the theme parks by going to the theme park website and applying there. Read the guidelines to applying to see if you fit all the needs of your employer. Also, 29 states have legislation banning minors from operating amusement park rides. So, if you are a minor, keep in mind that you cannot operate the rides. You should still be at least 16 if you want to apply, nevertheless. Send them your wonderful resume you have written out earlier, and show off your skills.
  5. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage theme park attendant. It might be tiring at first, having to stay out in the sun for hours at a time, but it will be worth it. Even if you won’t get promoted, that’s okay. It will be a great learning experience, and you will have an easier chance of getting hired in the future. Just persevere through the harsh times, and great success will await you.

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