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Now that your resume is complete and you have researched the laws in your state and obtained a work permit if necessary (for information on work permits in your state click here), you are ready to look for a job.

While you may not be sure exactly where you want to work, you know that it is important that you can get to the job easily. Places that you can walk or ride your bike to seem like the best options. With several gas stations near where you live, you wonder if gas stations will hire 15 year-olds.

Unfortunately, it will likely be very difficult to find a job at a gas station at the age of 15, though each gas station works differently.  It is worth a try to find out the hiring requirements of those that are located near you.

This blog post will cover:

  • Hiring at gas stations
  • How to get hired at a gas station
  • Other opportunities for 15 year olds to earn money

Hiring at Gas Stations

There is no standard age for working at a gas station; each gas station will have different requirements. From research, it seems that some gas stations require that individuals be at least 18 prior to being hired. One reason for this might be that employees have to work alone at the gas station for some or all of their shift, which cannot be done at 15. Many gas stations sell alcohol, which may be why the minimum age for employment is often 18.

Some gas stations, however, are open to hiring younger workers. Typically these will be larger establishments where there are usually more than one employee on shift at any given time.

Make sure that you have an idea of the child labor laws and work permit requirements in the state where you live prior to beginning your job search. Click here for more information on child labor laws and work permit requirements in your state.

How to Get Hired at a Gas Station

Since many gas stations will not be open to hiring employees who are under the age of 18, it is a good idea to check on the hiring policy for each station you are interested in working at prior to taking the time to apply. You can find out the gas station’s age requirements by looking at their website or calling the gas station. Should you decide to call the gas station, you can simply ask what their minimum age is for employment.

Getting hired at a gas station will require that you submit an application. This can typically be done online or the application can be brought to the store in person.

If a gas station is open to hiring those who are 15, submitting your application in person is preferable. In most cases, gas stations receive many applications for each job opening. Applying in person will give you the opportunity to make a good impression. Make sure to dress well; nice pants and a button-down shirt for example.

Before going to the gas station, look online to see if the gas station has a website. If they do, look and see if there is an application available for you to print. If you are able to print an application from their website, go ahead and print the application and fill it out prior to going to the gas station. If not, you can stop by the gas station and ask for an application. Upon entering the gas station, ask if you can speak with a manager.  If there is no manager available and you do not have an application, go ahead and ask for one. Then, ask the clerk the name of the manager and when they are expected to be there so that you can return the completed application to them.

If you have already completed the application, still ask the clerk when the manager is expected to be present. If possible you will want to give your application to the manager so that you can be certain they have received it.

Should a manager be available and they come to meet you, you will want to introduce yourself and then give them your application. State that you are interested in a job and ask if they are currently hiring. If they are not hiring, go ahead and ask when they do anticipate having any openings. Sometimes the manager will ask a few questions and let you know that they will keep your application on file.

Ask the manager their name and check with them on when they feel the best time is for you to follow up with them. Getting the name of the manager and having the opportunity to meet them is a valuable part of job searching. Whether or not there is a current opening, the manager will know that you present and communicate well. This is more than the manager knows about other applicants and will help your application stand out.

For more information on applying for a job in person, click here.

Other Opportunities for 15 Year-Olds to Earn Money

It may be a challenge to find a job at a gas station when you are 15. If that is the case, keep in mind that there are other opportunities available to you. Retail establishments, restaurants and movie theaters may be open to hiring you at 15 years old. Other options to consider are online jobs and side jobs.

Online jobs are a great way to earn money on your own schedule from your home computer. For example, you can create websites or blogs. With a little effort, businesses and individuals will be willing to hire you to build or maintain their website or blog.

This may sound overwhelming but there are pre-designed templates that you can use to get started. Most important to be successful is patience and some creativity. Consider offering to create your first few websites for minimal cost or for free. Once you have designed a few sites or blogs, you can include these as a part of your portfolio in order to attract additional business. And your clients can give good references.

Another option is to design a website or blog for yourself around a particular interest that you have. Then, you can learn how to drive traffic to your site and how to earn money by doing so.

Do you enjoy writing? Online freelance writing is a flexible way to earn money. Freelance sites like Upwork.com and Fiverr.com offer you a place to build a profile and apply for short and long term writing jobs. Often the jobs involve creating content for existing websites and blogs. Pay will vary by the client and it will be helpful to start at a low rate of pay to earn business. You can then raise your rate as you gain additional experience.

For those that speak another language fluently, you can earn money by translating documents or articles. Upwork.com offers translating opportunities. You can review options and apply for jobs you are comfortable with.

These are just a few of the jobs that you can do online. For more information and opportunities, click here.

If you would prefer to work with people rather than online, consider a side job. With a side job you can set your own hours while meeting the needs of your clients.

If you feel comfortable with certain subjects in school, a good option is to offer tutoring services. You can set your own schedule and tutor the topics you choose. Tutoring is part-time and flexible and should offer challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

You can also offer homework help services for elementary school kids. It is very helpful for parents to have someone spend an hour or so with their kids one or two days a week to help with homework. This may be even more appealing for parents with several young children. Rates for tutoring and homework help can start at $10 per hour and you can negotiate an increase as the child improves their grades.

Consider running an errand service. You can use your bike or walk to stores, helping clients with grocery shopping, going to the post office, holiday shopping, etc.  Should you provide excellent service, you will likely be referred to the friends of your clients.

If you like animals, consider pet sitting and dog walking. When people leave town it is a great help to have someone who can check on and feed your pets. Many people seek help walking their dogs during the day while they are working long hours. You can charge a rate per visit or walk.

For more information on side jobs click here.

It may be challenging to get a job at a gas station when you are 15 years-old. The number of opportunities that are available will depend upon which gas stations are near you. If you have a hard time finding work at a gas station when you are 15, keep in mind the other options that are available to you. Online jobs and side jobs are great ways to earn money and gain experience, and there may be restaurants and retail stores that are open to hiring 15 year-olds. If you are interested in earning money at 15, with some effort, you should be able to do so.

So, what do you think about whether 15 year olds can work at a gas station?  Do you agree with what was said above?  Comment below to let us know!

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