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As you get started with your job search, you’re wondering if, at the age of 16, you can work at a grocery store.

The answer is yes, there are jobs at grocery stores open to you at the age of 16.

This blog post will cover:

  • Options for 16 year-olds looking to work in a grocery store
  • Types of jobs available in a grocery store
  • How to get hired at a grocery store at age 16

Options for 16 year-olds looking to Work in a Grocery Store

A job at a grocery store is a great option for teenagers. There are many different jobs that can be done within the store, leading to plenty of opportunity for learning and growth. Grocery stores tend to have employees of all ages, providing an opportunity to work with a diverse group of people.  We have a full list of grocery stores that hire teens available here.

You should not find it difficult to find a grocery store willing to hire 16 year-olds. Below is a list of grocery stores that hire those that are 16. Just because a grocery store near you is not on this list does not mean that they are not open to hiring 16 year-olds. Look online at their website or give them a call and ask about the minimum age to work there.

Grocery stores that hire 16 year-olds:

  • Acme Market
  • Albertson’s
  • AP Supermarket
  • BI LO
  • Bottom Dollar Foods
  • Brookshire’s
  • Cub Foods
  • Dierbergs
  • Food Lion
  • Food Maxx
  • Fresh and Easy
  • Fry’s Food
  • Harveys Supermarkets
  • Ingles
  • Jewel Osco
  • Kroger
  • Lucky Supermarket
  • Pathmark
  • PriceRite
  • Publix
  • Raley’s
  • Ralph’s
  • Safeway
  • Smith’s Food and Drug
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods

Click here for a list of grocery stores to learn more about their age requirements and what types of positions they hire for.

Remember that it is important to have an idea of the child labor laws and work permit requirements in the state where you live prior to beginning your job search. Click here for more information on child labor laws and work permit requirements in your state.

Types of Jobs Available in a Grocery Store

While you may be interested in working in a grocery store, you may not be sure what type of work is available once you are employed with the grocery store. Here are a few of the jobs that are often available to those aged 16:

  • Bagger: bagging jobs are typically the most entry level and most available for 16 year-olds. As a bagger, you will be responsible for bagging the groceries of customers as they are purchased. This job may also involve answering questions that customers have as well as looking for items for customers.
  • Stock Clerk: a stock clerk is responsible for stocking the shelves of the grocery store. Responsibilities will vary by department. This job will also involve interacting with customers to answer questions and help locate items.
  • Cashier: the cashier rings up customer purchases, scans coupons and interacts with customers, answering questions and ensuring they have a positive experience at the store.

Remember that each grocery store will have different age requirements so while one store may hire for a certain position at the age of 16, another might not.

How to get hired at a Grocery Store at the age of 16

Getting hired at a grocery store will require that you submit an application. This can typically be done online or the application can be brought to the store in person.

Whenever possible, submitting your application in person is preferable. This will give you the chance to make a good impression and get noticed. Make sure to dress well; nice pants and a button-down shirt for example.

Upon entering the store with your application, ask if you can speak to a manager. You can go to the customer service desk, introduce yourself, and then make this request. If a manager is not available, you can leave your resume with the person at the customer service desk. You will want to ask them the name of the manager and when the best time is to contact them to follow up on your application.

If a manager is available and comes to meet you, introduce yourself. You can then give them your application and let them know you are interested in being employed at the store. Some managers may ask you a few questions right there. Often, they will tell you they will keep your application on file. Ask if there are any current openings, as well as when the best time would be for you to follow up with them. Make sure to get their name so you know who to follow up with.

If there are immediate openings, it is helpful for the manager to have met you and know that you present and communicate well. They may have a bunch of applications, but they don’t know the people behind those applications.

If there is no immediate opening, you will have made a good impression and obtained the information of who to contact and when to contact them to follow up. This is great information that may lead to your getting an interview down the road.

For more information on applying for a job in person, click here.

It is definitely possible to get a job at a grocery store when you are 16 years-old. The jobs that are available will depend on the grocery stores that are in your area. Remember that when searching for a job, regardless of your age, it is important to keep trying. Be persistent. If you follow up on your application and nothing is available, let the manager know that you will follow up again the following week to see if any opportunities have come up.

You may not get hired the first time that you apply for a job (in fact you likely won’t) and that is normal. It is important to not give up and to keep applying for opportunities.

So, what do you think about whether 16 year olds can work at a grocery store?  Do you agree with what was said above?  Comment below to let us know!

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