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What Does a Teenage Holiday Decorator do?

As a holiday decorator, you will spend your time decorating houses with Christmas and other holiday decorations. These will make your customer’s house look more festive during the holidays. You will either buy your own lights and decor to decorate houses, or use your client’s materials to decorate it for them. You will have to find your customers, decorate their house, and get good customer feedback for your business. In the early stages of a business, it is easiest to get customers by having your customers leave great reviews or refer your service to their friend. They will only do this if they have a good experience with your service.

How Much Does a Teenage Holiday Decorator Get Paid?

As a teenage holiday decorator just starting, you can earn around $20-$100 decorating houses. This depends on how big of a house they have and what decor you will be doing as well as if you need to get the decorations out yourself. If someone were to hang up decorations all around an entire house, they would earn more than someone who only did a small Christmas tree. So, you must be able to provide a reasonable quote of how much you will charge that will vary between houses. One of the biggest problems with being a holiday decorator is that it is hard to find customers. Most people enjoy putting up the decorations by themselves as people find that it is part of the Christmas tradition. A good solution to this problem is to get good customer reviews in the beginning so you can find more customers easier via referral. This will save you the time of searching for customers.

How Can I Get Started as a Holiday Decorator?

  1. The first thing you need to do to start the process of working as a holiday decorator is to learn about the different decoration aspects. A holiday decorator will decorate people’s houses both inside and outside to make the house more festive. You want to learn all of the different pieces of equipment that you could use to make the house more festive. These could be Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and much more. You can look at a checklist for Christmas decorating.
  2. Start your holiday decoration company by talking to neighbors and friends. The key to being successful at first is getting people to trust you to come into their homes. That’s not easy, especially if no one know who you are. You should offer two types of services, only hanging up their decor, or doing that and getting the decor for them. You can also advertise in person by going door to door and asking people if they need your service. Then, you collect a big list of your summer and go over to their homes on a day that both of you decided on.
  3. Start to decorate houses. Enter their homes and politely enter. Then, you will start adding to their decor, from the outside to the inside. Make everything look as festive as possible, as if you were to live there. You want to create the best possible decor for their homes, and this way, people will like your service and you will get great reviews from your customer.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage holiday decorator. You may get tired at times climbing up roofs to hang lights and decorating all the time, but it will all be worth it in the end. This is a very profitable business as people are willing to make their houses look pretty during the holidays. Keep in mind that you can also offer to take decorations down once the holidays are done.

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