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What Does a Teenage Uhaul Reservation Sales Agent do?

As a Uhaul reservations sales agent, you will respond to customer questions and inquires when they call from around the US and Canada. You will also help customers reserve their products from Uhaul. Uhaul is a company that offers rental trucks and products to help people who are moving. You will help people with their questions about this, essentially. Some of the great benefits of being a Uhaul Reservations Sales Agent include the fact that you have a very flexible schedule and can work almost whenever you want. Since you will be working with customers and talking with them throughout the day, you have to be a very patient person who has great customer service skills, but even if you don’t you can learn these skills in an online course that will be shown below.

How Much Does a Teenage Uhaul Reservations Sales Agent Get Paid?

As an Uhaul reservations sales agent you will earn around $12-$14 dollars an hour with bonuses, and base salary is around $7-$8 dollars, depending on your state’s minimum wage. Also included with the salary are a variety of benefits. For part-time employees, they will have a limited medical plan, a 401k, and discounts when they use Uhaul themselves. One of the main problems with being a Uhaul sales agent is the low pay. Although this is a low pay compared to the average job, it’s overlooked because of the flexible schedules and all the benefits this job offers. It’s not that big of a problem, as you can save up your pay and you will have a lot of money to treat yourself. Being a Uhaul reservations sales agent has a mediocre pay with great benefits and a flexible schedule.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Uhaul Reservations Sales Agent?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll want to learn how to handle different types of callers that call into your Uhaul customer service and inquire about the products. So, you will have to learn many different skills such as de-escalating angry callers. If you don’t know these techniques, you may worsen the situation and make the customers even more mad and therefore less inclined to buy Uhaul’s product, meaning you will get complaints and get less pay in bonuses, and in worse cases, you may get fired. Therefore, you will definitely want to learn basic customer service techniques. One great resource for this is on Lynda.com, a popular website that offers online courses. You should search “Phone-Based Customer Service by Jeff Toister” to get it. This course will teach you how to develop the perfect phone greeting, filling dead air, managing holds and transfers, listening, expressing empathy, and de-escalating angry callers. These will all help you become a better reservations sales agent for Uhaul and make you more successful.
  2. Once you’ve learned how to handle customers, you need to write a solid resume. A lot of people will be competing with you for the position of a Uhaul reservations sales agent as it has a good pay and you can work on your spare time. So, you will have to stand out from all the other candidates. One of the ways you can do this is by writing a good resume. Write about how you took a course in customer service and other skills you have that apply to being a sales agent.
  3. Apply to Uhaul. You can apply at the Contact Center Work From Home Opportunities on Uhaul.com. Here, you will enter your name, phone number, email, your cover letter and your resume and apply. You should hear back via an email or a phone call, where you might succeed and get an interview opportunity. During the interview, be polite and tell them how much of a good candidate you are for this job.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a Uhaul reservations sales agent. You might not have that high of a pay, but it’s a great job as you are working on your spare time, whenever you’d like. You may have a hard customer once in a while, but when that happens, revert back to the course that taught you how to manage them, and you will be fine. Have fun and embrace the opportunity that you have before you.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com:  A site where you can learn from multiple courses related to customer service.Course:Search for the course “Phone-Based Customer Service by Jeff Toister”
  • Resume Writing Tips:  A guide to help you write a better resume.
  • U-Haul Contact Center:  This is where you can go to apply to work from home opportunities with U-Haul.

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