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What Does a Teenage YouTuber do?

A teenage YouTuber is someone who uploads videos to YouTube on a regular basis and in return, earns money for it. There are YouTubers in so many different areas that it may be difficult to decide what your channel should be about. Some YouTubers focus on video games, funny stuff, beauty, and there’s even people who make tiny meals with tiny objects. Regardless of the focus of your channel, when people click on the ads on the video, YouTube will pay the YouTuber money. YouTubers are self-employed, so they can work at their own pace, but their revenue is also determined by their own hard work. They are responsible for researching video topics, recording videos, editing videos, and engaging their subscribers.

How Much Does a Teenage YouTuber Get Paid?

A teenage YouTuber won’t earn much money in the early stages of their YouTube career. This is because you won’t have much of a following and not many people will click on the ads on your videos. On the other hand, popular YouTubers earn a lot of money, because their videos get a lot of views and many people click on the ads. This is the biggest problem with becoming a YouTuber. Many people jump into doing YouTube as a quick way to earn money, but as they find out after a few months of hard work, they don’t earn much money in the beginning so they quit. But people who truly enjoy doing what they are doing won’t care about the money and will just keep making videos, and eventually they’ll become successful and make good money. You need to be willing to not earn much money for at least 6-12 months if you decide you want to be a YouTuber.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage YouTuber?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll want to get the necessary equipment to become a YouTuber. If you are becoming a gaming YouTuber, this step will be even more important so your games can be recorded and run with the best quality. Even if you’re not planning to become a gamer, you still want a good laptop so that the uploading speed of your video won’t take long. To get a good computer, you can try to search up the best gaming laptops, as gaming computers will be the top of the line when it comes to the specifications and power of the computer. You will also want to get a good microphone. This will let you record commentary for your videos, as viewers like people who talk genuinely with their voice. Finally, you’ll want to get a recording software, or hardware. For gaming, you’ll want to get a screen recorder to record your games and for anyone else, you’ll probably want a good camera to record.
  2. Determine the topic of your YouTube channel. When thinking about this, try to make the focus of your channel something that you like and enjoy doing. Being a YouTuber shouldn’t be a chore, but rather doing something you love while getting paid. So, you want to focus on something you love. But at the same time, you want to make sure that other people love this topic too, as they will be your target audience. Make sure your topic is specific, but broad enough to be able to make a lot of videos.
  3. Start recording videos. When recording, just be yourself. You will get more viewers if you come off as a genuine person that is relatable. All of the current popular YouTubers have videos that seem genuine and completely non-scripted. If you come off as an unnatural YouTuber, you will be more like a TV show produced in a studio than a YouTuber and that isn’t really ideal if you are starting your own channel.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a YouTuber. You might not have many fans right now, but the number of fans you have will continue to grow if you post regularly. If you do well as a YouTuber, you are bound to get noticed by the community and you will get more viewers and subscribers. Remember, all of the current YouTubers started somewhere and the best way for you to grow is to stay consistent and work hard.

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Helpful Resources

  • Amazon.com:  This website has a lot of resources to help you become a YouTuber.Best Gaming Laptops: These are the best computer to edit videos with.Best Microphones: You’ll need these to record yourself as you shoot videos.Best Cameras: You’ll need one of these to shoot your YouTube videos.

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