Starbucks is a premier company for a teen to work. So, if you like a fast-paced environment and serving the public, you will enjoy working at Starbucks. The coffee chain also pays for online coursework for its employees and offers free Starbucks stock. In addition, anyone with career aspirations will enjoy seeing their goals realized in the team-oriented working environment. To review the benefits of working at Starbucks, you will want to read the information associated with the following listed topics:

  • Minimum Age Requirements
  • An Introduction to Starbucks
  • How to Apply to Starbucks
  • Getting Hired at Starbucks: What is Involved
  • What to Wear on A Starbucks Interview
  • Preparing for The Interview
  • Starbucks Benefits

Minimum Age Requirements

Teens can work at Starbucks who are at least 16 years of age. In Montana, teens may be 14 years old to work at the coffee retail store.

An Introduction to Starbucks

Because of Starbucks’ trendy reputation, the company promotes a team-oriented approach at work. Currently, the international coffee house chain operates over 20,000 locations throughout the world. Employees, in turn, are encouraged to develop strong relationships with regular customers and to bond, as well, with their fellow workers.

The Starbucks Environment

The décor in Starbucks features a rich theme that is accented in an ambience and lighting that are softly inviting. Workers, who are employed by the company, should show a genuine love of coffee and a passion for providing excellent customer service. Employees must be able to adapt to fast-paced expectations, while, at the same time, work at maintaining the stores’ relaxed environment.

How to Apply to Starbucks

Each Starbucks store hires and oversees its own team of full-time and part-time hourly “partners” or employees. You can easily access an application at your local Starbucks or download a Starbucks application online. Some states that feature Starbucks locations require that the applications be printed and delivered to the store. Other states, where Starbucks operates, enable job applicants to fully complete applications online.

The Two Primary Starbucks Jobs

The two major job openings at Starbucks are normally for baristas and shift supervisors. Shift supervisors are considered coffee-making experts who direct work during shift hours, creating a great customer experience.

Internships at Starbucks

The company also features internships. These internships are offered to existing Starbucks employees first before they become available to the general public. Most of the internship opportunities, however, are found at the main office in Seattle, Washington – also known as the Starbucks Support Center or SSC. The internships are generally posted in the later part of winter or early spring.

Getting Hired at Starbucks: What is Involved

The hiring process at Starbucks usually takes under a week to complete, with many of the applicants spending about three days going through the required steps for getting employed. Some locations hold hiring events, which, basically, serve as company-sponsored job fairs for worker recruitment.

Most job candidates, however, gain hiring consideration through the online careers page via Starbuck’s company website. Applicants are also welcome to submit resumes and supporting documentation to each Starbuck’s location in-person.

Hiring and Interviewing Barista Candidates

The relative easy employment process varies somewhat slightly by the job that is desired. For example, Barista candidates start their hiring process in-person or online. After receiving the applicant details, the hiring manager reviews the prospective applications and selects the most eligible candidates for interviews. A large volume of applicants may slow down the time needed to contact job prospects who make the short-list for an interview.

After contact is made, face-to-face interviews are scheduled with the store manager, which may last from 15 to 60 minutes.

Important Interview Topics

During this part of the hiring process, the hiring managers, for example, ask barista candidates about the following:

  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • Expectations about their working environment
  • Their ability to work as part of an in-store team
  • Their ease at working in a fast-paced environment
  • Cash register experience
  • Food preparation experience
  • Coffee-making experience
  • Customer service skills and abilities

Key Interview Questions

Some of the interview questions allude to career aspirations. For instance, a hiring manager may ask the following: “What do you see yourself doing at Starbucks five years from now?” Or, “How will this job help you from a long-term perspective?”

Hiring Requirements for Managers

Job applicants who wish to work as managers at Starbucks go through about the same hiring process as other job candidates. The job seekers must submit all the employment paperwork needed for employment consideration, either online or in-person. Afterwards, the company reviews the information before deciding on who to contact for interviews.

Job candidates who have a background in retail or coffeehouse management normally are contacted first. Managerial hopefuls then go through an in-person job interview. However, unlike other job candidates, managerial job seekers must go through multiple interviews.

The company requires that management candidates participate in an initial screening with a management panel before proceeding onto a one-on-one interview session with a district manager. Background checks are made of management candidates prior to affirming a work-start date.

What to Wear on A Starbucks Interview

When you dress for a Starbucks interview, your clothing should be more formal. Dress slacks or neatly tailored skirts and a proper top, such as a conservative blouse or button-down shirt, is considered ideal for Starbucks interviews. Applicants should attend interviews exuding an air of confidence, and appear well-groomed.

Preparing for The Interview

Both a person’s personality and their skills and experience play key roles in obtaining employment with the coffee retailer. Before you attend an interview at Starbucks then, make sure your review the company information. By taking this approach, you can direct a few questions of your own to the hiring manager. Most of the job applicants receive a job offer during an interview or directly after what is considered the final interview.

Starbucks Benefits

Indeed, today, it is difficult to visit a town without seeing a Starbucks in a mall location or on a local street corner. The company’s success lies in the fact that it wants it customers to be just as pleased as its employees. Therefore, Starbucks is progressive when it comes to benefits.

Tuition Reimbursement – A Unique Approach

Starbucks pays for its employee’s college online. Specifically, the company offers employees the chance to obtain a degree online at Arizona State University. According to a Time magazine article, free college tuition is offered to both part-time and full-time workers.

The company pays for the full tuition of junior and senior students and partial tuition for freshmen and sophomore students. In fact, employees can select from over 40 online degree programs and do not have to keep working at the coffee company to complete their courses.

With the usual cost of an ASU degree averaging around $10,000 annually, workers can save significantly on their tuition payments. The same reimbursement plan is also offered at the University of Seattle, which is located just down the street from the coffee chain’s headquarters.

Payments also extend to the online courses offered through Slayer University, which has a current enrollment of about 38,000 students in its online learning curriculums.

Free Coffee Stock

In addition, employees have access to free stock in the company. Through its Bean Stock program, the company offers lower level employees, including baristas, a restricted amount of stock annually. This kind of perk can end up being more valuable than the usual Christmas bonus. Plus, Starbucks stock has increased one-hundred fold since the coffee operation began in 1991.

Discounted and Free Starbucks Merchandise

Employees can also take home a pound of coffee beans weekly, or a box of other popular products like Tazo tea. In addition, employees receive a 30% discount on company food and beverages. Most beverages are free, as well, during work breaks. So, if you are a coffee aficionado, then Starbucks is definitely an employer to whom you want to present your resume.

Are you excited about the prospect of working at Starbucks? Do you want to develop a management career or find an easy way to pay for college?

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