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If you are a teen and seeking work, you need to be at least 16 years old to work at Wal-mart.  However, some jobs require that job applicants must be at least 18 to apply. The topics for this article include the following:

  • An Introduction to Wal-Mart and Its Jobs
  • Primary Jobs Featured at Wal-Mart Retail Stores
  • Other Store-related Positions
  • Warehouse and Distribution Jobs
  • How to Apply at Wal-Mart
  • Wal-mart Associate Benefits

An Introduction to Wal-Mart and Its Jobs

Wal-Mart is a multinational retailer that is based in the US. In the US, the retailer oversees operations for discount department stores and warehouse stores in the 50 states and Puerto Rico. The retailer, which is the largest private employer in the world, emphasizes positive customer service and the importance of leadership to its employees. Therefore, any teen applying to Wal-Mart needs to be industrious, positive, and customer-focused.

Primary Jobs Featured at Wal-Mart Retail Stores

Teens  typically can apply  for one of four main positions in Wal-Mart stores. The store regularly hires people greeters, sales associates, overnight stockers, and cashiers. Overnight stocking jobs are recommended for older teens, or young people who are at least 18. Following are the job descriptions for each of these positions.

People Greeter

A Wal-Mart greeter welcomes customers to Wal-mart, and therefore provides a customer with their first experience of the retailer’s friendly service. Additionally, a greeter is responsible for keeping customers at the entrance safe. The employee is tasked with providing “Caution: Wet” signs when required and also checks customer packages for receipts.

In addition, greeters create return tickets for all the merchandise that enters the store. In order to apply for the job, you must possess excellent verbal skills and a professional and amiable disposition. This Wal-Mart position is considered an entry-level job.

Sales Associate

A sales associate at Wal-Mart properly manages their assigned sales area by providing prompt and courteous service. This job includes helping customers locate items and treating each customer request with the utmost urgency.

You can work in one of several departments if you choose to work as a sales associates. The retailer features electronics, home furnishings, groceries, furniture, pharmacy products, and apparel in its offerings.

When it is needed, sales associates should be capable of lifting weights up to 50 pounds. They should also be able to manage register responsibilities. Basic requirements for the sales associate job include reading, writing, and maths skills. A sales associate must also complete the store’s training program to work in this Wal-Mart role.

Overnight Stocker

An overnight stocker must be able to work overnight regularly and provide a well-stocked, efficient, and clean department. Workers should be able to lift objects that exceed 80 pounds and must also know how to safely perform the job functions associated with the job.

Applicants for the stocker position must possess basic reading and math skills. Like a sales associate, applicants must complete in-store training. Because of the late schedule, older teens, or young people at least 18 years old, should apply for this assignment.


Cashiers who work at Wal-Mart take care of the various aspects of customer service. Their primary tasks include processing payments, ringing up sales, applying discounts, and scanning coupons on computerized cash registers. Cashiers are also responsible for handling returns and answering inquiries about promotions, merchandise, or store policies.

The job features part-time hours at the beginning, with opportunities for full-time schedules or advancement into a managerial career. The job is a frontline position and therefore is located at the store’s frontend. When the store is busy, the job can be rather hectic. During the slow periods, cashiers are often asked to assist the sales associates in the store. Responsibilities may include sorting merchandise that was not purchased and re-shelving or straightening sales areas.

Other Store-related Positions

Other jobs that are featured at Wal-Mart include jobs in customer service and installation technician jobs. Older teens with retail management experience or with a retail background can also apply for managerial job postings.

Warehouse and Distribution Jobs

Wal-Mart Distribution Centre employees are hired in such jobs as order filler, forklift driver, unloader, and loader.  A distribution center features products in a warehouse environment that are redistributed to Wal-Mart retail stores. The atmosphere is demand-driven as shipments are regularly made, based on a time schedule.

Each of the company’s 40 regional distribution centers in the US is over one million square feet in size. Centers are 24/7 and maintain 53,000 trailers and 7,200 tractors  operating across the country. Logistics is an important part of Wal-Mart’s operations as it keeps the store’s products moving, all which offers the retailer a competitive advantage.

How to Apply at Wal-Mart

You can either apply at your local Wal-Mart store, which normally features a hiring kiosk toward the back of the store, or you can submit an application online. When applying online, you can leave the application, if you wish, and finish it anytime. However, you must log in to the job hiring portal before the end of 60 days.  When applying for a job, you need to be specific about your job choice. You cannot apply to several jobs using one application.

Wal-Mart Associate Benefits

Store and warehouse associates at Wal-Mart receive excellent benefits, including medical coverage, discounts, and 401(k) plan accounts. The medical coverage offered by the company enables associates to customise their health coverage in more than 50 ways. Associates can choose from a menu of deductibles, health credits, premiums, and coverage options.

Discounts include a 10% merchandise discount online and in the store as well as an additional 10% off of eyewear at Wal-Mart Vision Center. The store also offers over 100 discounts on their associate-only website. Items include everything from movie tickets to vehicles.

So, what is your impression of this retail giant? What job would you like to hold? Do you feel you have the right qualifications? Of the jobs you like, what are the tasks that appeal to you the most?

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