Teens can work at Target. If you are 16 years old or older, you can work in one of the retail chain’s stores, operating in 49 states. Teens who are 18 years or older can apply to work at the Target Distribution Center. So, if you are interested in working for this retailer or want to know what it is like, read the following article. This article covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Target
  • Teen Employment at Target Stores
  • Target Distribution Center Jobs for Teens
  • How to Apply at Target
  • Prerequisites of the Job – What to Expect

Introduction to Target

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is the second-biggest retail outlet in the US. The retailer currently employs approximately 350,000 employees. Jobs for teens at Target can vary. Therefore, teen applicants have a good opportunity to work on of various assignments.

Basic Work Responsibilities

The job duties of most Target employees depend, of course, where they work. Generally, the following responsibilities are performed in three basic job functions:

  • Customer service employees greet customers, ring up their transactions, or assist them with locating merchandise.
  • Employees who assume light janitorial work generally sweep, dust, and vacuum the store areas.
  • Stocking employees stock merchandise on shelves, set up displays, and organize merchandise.

Work Schedules

Employee work schedules depend on various factors. These factors include:

  • Personal availability
  • A department’s needs
  • The willingness of other employees to work hours you do not wish to work

Most Target employees must be available to work holidays, nights, and weekends. However, management is typically flexible about the nights you work, or the times you are available during the weekend. For instance, if you can only work nights on Wednesday, and between 8am and 5pm on the weekends, then your request is normally honored.

You may also post the shifts you do not want on the bulletin board in the break room. Because most employees are not scheduled for 40 hours, someone will usually be willing to take the shift you do not want.

Target Salaries

Most employees at Target begin by making minimum wage, or a little bit above it. Usually, early morning stockers or overnight stockers make more than sales associates. Guest services representatives make more than cashiers, and team leads or managers also make a higher amount of pay.

Company Benefits

If you are seeking employment with excellent benefits, you will enjoy working at Target. In fact, Target employees receive a number of benefits, including vision insurance, dental insurance, health insurance, 401K, and enrollment in an Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program is set up to provide free counseling and legal advice to participants. Both domestic partners and married couples are covered under Target’s health insurance plan.

Employee Discounts

Employees receive 10% of any merchandise purchase at Target. They are issued a card that they give to the cashier to scan at the cash register. The discount can be combined with gift cards, rebates, and coupons.

Teen Employment at Target Stores

The following jobs are jobs that teens, 16 years old or older, can apply to at Target retail stores.

Asset Protection Team Leader/Assets Protection Specialist

The assets protection team leader or assets protection specialist helps in keeping Target a hazard-free and sanitary store. The employee works at keeping fraudulence and theft to a minimum.

Store Facility Technician

The store facility technician at Target promotes a safe environment for working and shopping by taking charge of keeping the store looking aesthetically pleasing.

Cashier/Cart Attendant Team Member/Service Desk

The cashier or employee working at the service desk manages customer complaints. The cart attendant member helps maintain the store’s appearance by collecting and managing in-store carts.

Deli/Meat, Bakery/Produce Team Member and Cake Decorator

Anyone who works preparing food or decorating cakes at the retail store is focused on preparing and presenting quality food. They work at showcasing the appearance of food while offering excellent customer service.

Human Resources Team Member/Human Resource Team Leader

The HR employee in the roles of team member or team leader offers mentorship and training to other Target employees, leads potential employee candidates through each phase of the hiring process, and utilizes human resources management software tools to optimize the hiring process.

Pharmacy Student/Pharmacy Technician/Pharmacy Team Member

Employees who work in the pharmacy help in filling customer prescriptions and manage customer data, using skills that require accuracy and confidentiality.

Presentation Team Member/Signing Team Member/Price Accuracy Team Member

Team members of Target that take care of in-store pricing make sure that prices are accurately added through the use of labeling, store signage and ticketing. They also answer customer questions and complaints speedily and courteously.

Reverse Logistics Team Member/Backroom Team Member/Merchandise Flow Team Member

A reverse logistics team member, backroom team member, or merchandise flow team member is assigned with stocking and restocking products for customers. They are also responsible for any employee or customer inquiries.

Sales Floor Team Member/Fitting Room Assistant

Fitting room team members help customers with their fitting requests while keeping their area clean and neat.

Sales Floor Team Leader/Guest Services Team Leader/Backroom Team Leader

Sales leaders at Target that work on the floor, in guest services, and in the back room manage an environment that is public-oriented and fast-paced. The job includes mentoring team members and tracking their progress

Target Distribution Center Jobs for Teens

The following teen jobs are offered at the Target Distribution Center:

Administrative Assistant, Procurement Technician/Clerical Operative/Wave Room Technician

Administrative and clerical employees at the distribution center manage and handle daily paperwork, including a variety of documentation, invoices, and reports.

Assets Protection Technician

The assets protection technician helps in facilitating anti-theft and anti-fraud guidelines and regulations. They offer support, as well, during asset recovery cycles.

Human Resources Technician

The human resources technician offers administrative help and technical support in the human resources area.

Inventory Management Technician/Quality Control Technician

Target employees working in inventory management and quality control regularly inspect incoming merchandise to check quality. They also compile and maintain building reports each day and on a weekly basis. Reports are required for checking the status of the inventory and dating logs in order to maintain regulatory requirements.

Logistics Dispatcher/Technician

Employees working as technicians or dispatchers in logistics work with Shipping and Receiving in the delivery and receipt of merchandise. They also regularly communicate with postal providers.

Mechanic/Utility Attendant/Micro-maintenance Technician

The mechanic or micro-maintenance technician in the distribution center ensures the cleanliness and appearance of the facility, including its equipment.


Packers at the distribution center identify and secure items and merchandise from the main storage area and pack and store them in boxes.

Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers are responsible for handling boxes with proficiency and care, and for ensuring safe and proper modes of transportation.

How to Apply at Target

In order to apply at Target, you need to visit the Careers or Job Search selection at the company website. You can also visit the hiring area in a Target store or contact the Distribution Center in your locale.

If you apply at a Target store, you will need to fill out an application on a computer that is located near the store’s Service Desk. The application takes a while to complete. So, you need to a lot extra time. You also must take a personality test and answer why you left your previous job. Some of the questions on the application involve hypothetical situations. For instance, you are asked what you would do in certain situations, or if you were faced with rude customers, stealing, or tardiness.

Prerequisites of the Job – What to Expect

The Target Uniform

The Target uniform, or the apparel employees are expected to wear, are khaki pants or skirts and red polo shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, or hoodies. The main requirement is that the blouse, sweater, shirt, or hoody is completely red.

College Requirements

While college is not required in order to work at Target, many of the team leads in the company possess a college degree.

Working Environment

Working with the public can be stressful. However, team leads work at keeping employee morale high. Although you are on your feet most of the day, the working conditions are still decent. You can take frequent breaks during your shift. So, working does not become a strenuous routine.

Job Security

While you may not always receive as many hours as you would like per week, you will enjoy stable and steady employment.

Required Skills and Temperament

Because working at Target necessitates a good deal of customer and co-worker interaction, you need to be good at dealing with people. Target may not be a good choice for anyone who has a young child as shifts are scheduled, many times, when daycare or babysitting is unavailable.

If you can stand on your feet for an extended duration and enjoy engaging with customers and co-workers, then a job at Target is probably a good fit.

So, how do you think you fit in with this type of store environment? Are you interested in applying further to Target? If you are an energetic people-person who can work for minimum wage or slightly higher, then you may find your ideal job within the company.

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