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How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Pizza Hut?

When it comes to getting an entry-level job at Pizza Hut as a server or cook, you must be at least 16 years old. If you want to be a delivery driver, you must be at least 18 years old.

As a global leader in the restaurant industry, Pizza Hut cultivates a fun, supportive culture among team members. When you join the team, they invest their resources into your personal success, and with a wide range of opportunities for growth and locations all over the country, the possibilities are only as limited as your drive. At Pizza Hut, you can become your best, make friends, and have fun.

Teen Jobs at Pizza Hut and Age Requirements

Server  (Hourly + Tips)

Being a server at Pizza Hut® is about making hungry people happy – with tips! It's about being independent and having fun, making new friends and earning extra cash. As a Pizza Hut server, you're the smiling face that greets and serves our customers. Working with us will give you the financial rewards and flexibility to suit your lifestyle! You'll learn new things, get recognized for your efforts, and learn skills that last a lifetime.

You must be at least 16 years old to work as a server at Pizza Hut.

Cook  (Hourly)

As a Pizza Hut cook, you are the one to make things happen in the kitchen. The good news is that your training will teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed on the job. But there are a few skills you should have from the get-go:

* You're a fun and friendly person who values customers and takes absolute pride in everything you do. Communication skills are key – you're not going to be able to text message customers back and forth. In other words, you should be comfortable talking to strangers.

* You've got attitude - the right kind of course - and understand the need to be on time, all the time. With loads of energy, you understand that work is easier – and more fun – with some teamwork.

To work as a cook at Pizza Hut, you must be at least 16 years old.

Delivery Driver (Hourly + Tips)

Buckle up, hit the open road, and start making hungry people happy as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut®. That's right, they will pay you to cruise around in your mobile office – your car – listening to your own tunes and delivering great pizza – and pasta. What more could you want? Independence, good music, and great food – with tips! Sound good?

Besides your smile, energy, and reliable set of wheels, here's what you'll need for this job:

* A clean driving record: If you're on a first name basis with the people at traffic court, this probably isn't the right job for you. Safety is top priority. You'll also need a valid driver's license, insurance, and reliable vehicle.

* Friendly demeanor: Smile, tell a joke – treat our customers like you would your family and friends. Think of it this way - a smile and a kind word can mean the difference between a wallet full of tips and just some extra change for your cup holder.

* Keen sense of direction: You should know how to read a map and find your way around your delivery area. Think of all of the short cuts you'll learn!

* Just a few more things: You'll need some basic math skills, the desire to work as part of a team, and enthusiasm for learning.

To work as a delivery driver at Pizza Hut, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can a 15 Year Old Work at Pizza Hut?

The minimum age to work at Pizza Hut is 16., so 15-year-olds can’t work there. We have a page on our website specifically for 15-year-olds that you can view for more options.

Can a 16 Year Old Work at Pizza Hut?

The minimum age to work at Pizza Hut is 16, so 16-year-olds can work here. We also have a page on our website specifically for 16-year-olds that you can view for more options.

How Much Does Pizza Hut Pay Part-Time Workers?

The hourly earnings for employees at Pizza Hut vary because of state and city minimum wage laws. However, we can give you a general idea of what the hourly pay is for each position.

Server (Hourly + Tips)

As a server at Pizza Hut, you will be making somewhere around $3 to $5 an hour as a base plus your tips. The majority of your income at this job will fluctuate because it depends on the amount of tips you make each shift.

The average hourly base rate for a Pizza Hut server is $4, but that doesn’t include tips.

Cook (Hourly)

The rate of pay for cooks is between minimum wage and $11 an hour. This is an entry-level position, and you will most likely start out at minimum wage. If you have some previous work experience, you can negotiate a higher hourly rate.

The average hourly rate for a Pizza Hut cook is $8.

Delivery Driver  (Hourly + Tips)

The rate of pay for delivery drivers  is between $8 and $15 an hour. Because you earn tips, you will most likely have a base pay rate at the lower end of the range.

The average hourly base rate for a Pizza Hut delivery driver is $8, but that doesn’t include tips.

How Much Experience Do You Need to Work at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is an entry-level friendly company, so you can apply without any prior experience and get hired as a team member. However, if you have some work experience, it could get you a higher hourly pay rate and move you faster into supervisory and management positions.

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is a popular pizza chain, so when you show up for your interview, you will want to look nice and be dressed in business casual attire.  Consider something like a buttoned-down shirt with nice slacks and dress shoes. You do not want to show up too casual in a t-shirt and jeans.

Pizza Hut Interview Questions

At a Pizza Hut interview, you will talk with at least one manager.  Here are some questions that they have been known to ask.

Can you work well as part of a team?

Why are they asking?  

If they ask you this, they are trying to find out how comfortable you are working in a team environment. There are no jobs in the restaurant that require you to work all by yourself, so they want to make sure you work well with others.

What’s the ideal answer?

Honesty is the best policy. Let them know how good you are with people and be prepared to give examples if you have previous job experience. If Pizza Hut would be your first job, then give examples of working with people in team sports or school activities.

How would you handle a difficult customer?

Why are they asking?  

While most of your customers will be happy and satisfied with their dining experience, you will more than likely come across an angry customer every now and then. When this happens, they are wondering how you will handle the situation, and if it fits with their company policy.

What’s the ideal answer?

You want to tell the interviewer that if you come across a difficult customer, you will ask them what you can do to make them happy and fix the problem. If it is something that you can’t take care of, then you will go get a manager and let them take care of it.

Why do you want to work at Pizza Hut?

Why are they asking?  

If a manager asks you this question, they are trying to get you to sell yourself, but they are also trying to find out how much you know about the company. Part of your job at Pizza Hut will be giving amazing customer service, and that requires strong verbal communication skills.

When they ask you this question, they are wanting to find out how well you can communicate, while being positive and professional. They also want to know if you can sell yourself. If you can do that, you can sell their products.

What’s the ideal answer?

Know your strengths. If you get asked this question, tell them how you will benefit their business. They want to hear that you have above average verbal communication skills, have a friendly and upbeat demeanor, and can help customers with their orders quickly and accurately.

Tell them that you are a reliable worker who will show up to work on time for every scheduled shift. If you want a career with the company, definitely let them know because there are a lot of opportunities for advancement.

Benefits of Working at Pizza Hut

Everyone who works at Pizza Hut gets a free meal each shift. But, most of the benefits are limited to full-time workers only.

Benefits include:

  • Paid time off and paid sick days
  • Vacation
  • 401K with company match and pension plan
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Military Leave

What it’s Like to Work at Pizza Hut

How to Apply at Pizza Hut

If you are interested in working at Pizza Hut, the best place to find up-to-date job listings is on the company website. You can also find listing at sites like Glass Door and Indeed. Once you fill out an application, it will be sent to the specific store you want to work at.

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