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What Does a Teenage Article Writer do? 

An article and writer will write blogs for websites and any other outlet that needs quality writing for their fan base. These could be blogs, news websites, newspapers and you’ll be responsible for producing some, if not all, of their content. You’ll be responsible for researching your topic, writing the article, and then (in certain cases)editing the article. A lot of websites need your services because they need to keep churning out articles every day, but may not have the manpower to do so. That’s where you come in. There are a range of writing jobs online, you can write as little as 1 article per day or 10 articles per day, depending on your availability. As an article and blog writer, you’ll be doing a lot of writing, as the title suggests, so you’ll want to be skilled in the art of writing.

How Much Does a Teenage Article Writer Get Paid?

As an article writer just getting started, you’ll most likely earn $5-$10 an hour, or $10 for longer articles. There is a lot of variance in the field, in terms of pay, mainly being affected by the amount of experience you have. The biggest issue with becoming an article and blog writer is the fact that you’ll have difficulty finding a job. There are a lot of writers online, more than the amount of people who need writer. So, you’ll have to compete with others to get a job, which can be very difficult. But even so, you can fix this problem by preparing a great profile and giving the best first impression.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Article Writer?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll want to polish up your writing skills. You will need very fine writing skills to be able to work as an article and blog writer. People want the best writers for their websites, so you don’t want to have grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your writing. To polish up your writing skills, you might want to take high school electives or college courses in writing. There are a lot of writing courses available in person, but if that doesn’t suit you, you could try online courses. A good course is located on Lynda.com and you should search “Writing Articles by Tom Geller” to get it. This covers the basics of article writing, which can also be applied to blog writing. 
  2. Now that you’ve gotten a good foundation in writing, you can now create a writing portfolio. A portfolio will give an employer an example of the level of writing you can produce. Basically, it proves that you are an abled writer and they aren’t hiring a rookie. If you have previous writing pieces, you can show them off. Even if you don’t you could probably use your previous writing projects for school. Put these all into one document and write a simple description of each of them. This will be important later, when you create a profile online where you will have to attach your portfolio.
  3. Once you’ve made a portfolio, you can now find and apply to a job. The best way to do this is to work on Upwork. Article and blog writing is one of the most popular jobs on Upwork, so you’ll have plenty of competition. So, you’ll have to completely fill out your profile to seem professional. You can now attach the portfolio you’ve made in the section of your profile designated for it. Now, you can find a job by searching on the website. There are plenty of writing jobs, so pick the one that suits you most.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage article writer. You might have had trouble landing a job with all that competition, but it is smooth sailing from now on. Your jobs can be added to your portfolio and you’ll have a huge portfolio in the end, meaning you’ll land better jobs.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com: This platform will teach you the skills you need to become a teen article writer.Course: Search for the course “Writing Articles by Tom Geller”
  • Upwork.com: This will help you find new work when you’re trained as an article writer.

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