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What Does a Teenage Fashion Blogger do?

A fashion blogger will create a blog that is run by themselves or with a few friends where they can post about the general topic of fashion. This can range from current trends, tips and tricks, to whatever that you like to write about. Because a fashion blogger is self-employed, your pay will range from how much you work.

Your responsibilities as a fashion blogger are very complicated as the entire blog will be run by yourself. This being said, you will have to research the topic you will write about, write posts, edit and proofread posts, and respond to feedback from your audience. Since you will be doing a lot of writing on fashion, it will be good to be a fashion fan and have a general knowledge of fashion.

How Much Does a Teenage Fashion Blogger Get Paid?

As an article and blog writer just getting started, you probably won’t earn money. This is because you don’t have an audience in the beginning, so you won’t earn income from ad revenue or affiliates. Ads and affiliate partnerships will determine your pay, so the more viewers you have, the more money you will make. After a few months of consistent blogging with good content, you will begin to build an audience and then you’ll start to earn money. Professional fashion bloggers will have a very popular and successful blog that will earn them a lot of money, usually thousands of dollars each month, if the blog is well maintained. So, when starting out as a teen fashion blogger be prepared to not make anything for 6-12 months. But, when you do begin to earn money, it will become significant as long as you have a lot of website traffic.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Fashion Blogger?

1. Before you begin, you’ll want to polish up your writing skills. If you want to have the largest audience reading your blog, you’ll need to write well. People won’t want to read badly written posts, so you want to make sure your posts are error proof and have a good writing style. You’ll also want to try to be unique from all the other fashion blogs that are on the internet, and a good writing style will help with that. To polish up your writing skills, you might want to take high school electives or college courses in writing. There are plenty of courses you could take in person, but if that isn’t appealing, you can also take courses online. For example, a good course on Lynda.com, an online courses website, you should search “Writing Articles by Tom Geller” to get it. This covers the basic of article writing, which can also be applied to your blog as article writing and blog writing are quite similar.  Another good one to search is “Creating Better Blog Content by Virginia O’ Connor” which will help you understand your ongoing strategy with your fashion blog. You can also search “WordPress Essential Training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen”, it can also help you.

2. Now that you’ve gotten a good foundation in writing, you need to create your website. Now we know, the idea of making a website is probably scary to you because you think you need to be a coder. But that’s not true! It’s now really easy to make a website and you can do it yourself in about 10 minutes. First, click here to open up Siteground.com. Next, watch the video below to understand exactly how to buy your domain and website hosting, which costs around $60 for an entire year.

3. Once you’ve made a website, you can now start writing posts for your blog. Since you are doing a fashion blog, you can talk about the latest trends and fads in fashion. Talk about what you are passionate about, because other people will be likely to want to read your articles too. To get you started, here are 30 ideas for posts for fashion bloggers. If you aren’t really sure how to use WordPress, you can use this course to learn more.

4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage fashion blogger. You now have your own blog where you can write posts that you like, and get paid to do it. You can do whatever you want with your blog, but we would recommend the next step for your blog to be to write content consistently for 4-6 months and start networking with other fashion bloggers.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com: This platform will teach you the skills you need to become a better writer.Courses: Search for the course “Writing Articles by Tom Geller”Search for the course “Creating Better Blog Content by Virginia O’ Connor”Search for the course “WordPress Essential Training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen”
  • Siteground.com:  This is the website host we recommend for your domain name and hosting for your fashion blog.
  • Ideas For What to Write About: This is a nice article that has 30 ideas for what you can write as a fashion blogger.

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