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What Does a Teenage Music Reviewer do?

A teenage music reviewer is someone who gets paid to listen to music and reviews the music that they just listened to. They will provide quality feedback for the music before the music gets shared worldwide. Basically, you will be testing music before it is published. The website that you choose to listen to music on will ask you to listen to a music clip for a minute or two and then, you will write a quality review for it. You will be responsible for listening to the music, writing quality reviews, editing your review, and handling your funds from listening to music.Your reviews will be sent to the music producer who will take your feedback into consideration, and your review will be rated for helpfulness. The more helpful reviews you put out, the higher overall score you will have and the more money you will make per review.

How Much Does a Teenage Music Reviewer Get Paid?

As a music reviewer just starting, you will get paid around 10 cents per review. This rounds out to around to 5 dollars an hour. Even though this is a fairly low pay and one of the biggest problems with becoming a music listener, you can make more money doing this. The way to do that is that you can write more quality reviews to get a higher score on the website, where the website will then pay you a higher wage per review. This can raise your pay, perhaps even by double, where you make around $10 per hour. This article does a great job of explaining how to make more money on these websites.This may not be a long-term career choice, but at least you’re getting paid for something you would have done regardless of getting paid or not. One cool benefit from music reviewing is that you can get exclusive access to songs that are not public yet and you can explore more songs and widen your music taste.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Music Reviewer?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll want to register an account at Slice the Pie or Music X-ray. These websites allow you to listen to music and rate music. You need an account on these websites to start rating, so make an account. All you need is an email and you’ll fill in your personal details. Then, choose the type of music you want to rate. This can range from country music to electronic music, just about any type of music you want.
  2. Now that you’ve gotten an account set up, you can add your payment details. The easiest way to do this for Slice the Pie and Music X-ray is by PayPal. PayPal allows for the website to pay you by depositing your money into your PayPal account which can then be used on online purchases directly or transferred to a bank where you can withdraw it into cash. You can make a PayPal account online and you can then link it to your music listening account to start earning.
  3. Once you’ve made your PayPal account, you can start reviewing music. When reviewing music, you’ll have to write your review while listening to the music. You will have to listen for a minute or so until you submit your review so the website counts it and you get paid. When writing your review, don’t be lazy. Your rating on the website that is determined by the quality and helpfulness of your review will affect how much you get paid. This being said, you will make more money by writing quality reviews over spending little time on many reviews.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage music listener. You might not get paid much to listen to music, but you’re enjoying yourself. You’re discovering new music and getting paid for something you would have been doing for free. Even though you won’t make a ton of money quickly, over time you will and you can take the money out of your PayPal account to start spending on whatever you want.

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