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What Does a Teenage Seller on Etsy do?

A seller on Etsy is someone who sells products for a living on Etsy. These products will either be handmade, artisan products that are unique, or supplies for other people to make products. You can either make products and sell them, or import products and sell them. A seller on Etsy is self-employed, so they will be responsible for their own pay and their own success. Their responsibilities include researching the market, determining trends, producing items, marketing the items, and then shipping the items. These are all crucial steps to do if you want to ensure a successful Etsy business.

How Much Does a Teenage Seller on Etsy Get Paid?

As seller on Etsy just getting started, you won’t earn much in the short term, but you will have more income in the long term. This is mainly because you need to build up your audience of customers, and a newer Etsy user will not have any customers in the beginning. This is one of the main problems with becoming a seller on Etsy. So, you will have to do extensive research on what product you should sell to achieve long term success faster.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Seller on Etsy?

  1. Before you start selling, you want to determine what item you want to sell. This item should be something that you enjoy and are passionate about. You won’t be able to sell an item successfully if you don’t know anything about your product, and if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing. Another consideration you want to make when choosing your product is if other people will want to buy your product. Do other people also enjoy this product and why would they buy it from you? These are all detrimental decisions that can change the future of your company. To learn more, you can read What to Sell On Etsy which is the Seller’s Handbook written by Etsy to learn which items you should make and sell. There is also a great course on Lynda.com available that can teach you more details as well.  It’s called “Selling on Etsy” by Jess Stratton.
  2. Create your products. If are selling handmade products, you can now create these products. Before you begin, you should have a general idea of a couple items you will sell on your store and a way to get the items you need to make your products. We recommend that you use Amazon to get the products as they’ll have near unlimited stock. Have a good supply of these items and you can start listing them on Etsy and try to sell them.
  3. Once you’ve figured out your products and have some inventory, you can list them on Etsy. Here is an official guide to the rules of selling on Etsy. When listing, it’s good to think about what you would search if you needed the product you are selling. This way, you can achieve the most number of customers because you know what they will be searching for, and therefore people will find your product more easily.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage seller on Etsy. It will take you some time to acquire a good customer base, but it will all be worth it in the end. Your sales will only keep on growing, and you will gain many customers and make more money in the process. You can continue to add products too, gradually, which can increase the number of customers you can get.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com: This platform will teach you the skills you need to sell on Etsy.Course: Search for the course “Selling on Etsy by Jess Stratton”
  • Guide: What to Sell on Etsy:  This is a guide written directly by the folks at Etsy to help you understand what you should sell to be successful.
  • Amazon.com: This is where you can go to buy the arts and crafts to make your products.
  • Guide: Rules of Selling on Etsy:  This is a guide written by the folks at Etsy to help you understand how to sell things and list them on Etsy.

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