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What Does a Teenage Social Media Marketer do?

The job of a social media marketer is a relatively new one. It wasn’t needed a couple years ago, but now it’s more needed than ever. Social media marketers are responsible for managing a company on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They will also have to create marketing strategies for the company to make sure their social media accounts bring them as many customers as possible. This might include blogging, creating and managing social media profiles, managing regular posts, and responding to questions or comments that followers of the social media site might pose. People who become a social media marketer must be able to write well and connect with customers in an online environment.

How Much Does a Teenage Social Media Marketer Get Paid?

As a social media marketer just starting, you’ll earn somewhere around $8-$12 per hour. When you start off, it’s likely that you’ll get less pay because of the fact that you are less experienced than the average social media marketer. That being said, people do make a career out of this and it’s possible to eventually make $25-$35 per hour if this is your career. The biggest issue with becoming a social media marketer is that you have to be available all-day long. A main part of your job is to respond to questions or comments, and you can’t have a good social media presence if you take 5 hours to respond to a concern someone has. All of the successful social media marketers will respond as quickly as possible as that is what your customer base wants. This being said, there are also part-time social media positions available as well which will let you work less hours and have more flexibility.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Social Media Marketer?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll need to learn the foundational knowledge that is required to become a social media marketer. Social media changes quickly, and you need to adapt to these changes if you want to become (and stay) a successful social media marketer. If you don’t stay on trends, your profile might be seen as outdated and not appealing. To stay on top of trends, you’ll want to learn some strategies, and look at other company’s presences online. There are many courses that can help with this online, but one we recommend is located over at Lynda.com.  ​Once there, you can find it by searching “Social Media Marketing for Small Business” by Martin Waxman.
  2. Now that you’ve gotten an education, you’ll want to experiment with social media. You should now create professional profiles for yourself. These act as a way for you to get better at social media marketing while also creating an example of something the employer can get when they hire you. You can create profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. It is highly recommended that you master these platforms before you try to become a social media marketer. Our advice is to focus most on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as those are used most by brands.
  3. Once you’ve made a few good social media profiles, you can now apply for jobs. The best way to find a job as a social media marketer is on sites like Upwork. On Upwork, there are start-ups that are looking to obtain services from you and they will pay on. You can easily find many jobs on Upwork in a given time. But first, you’ll need to create your own profile. It’ll take some time, but eventually someone will be willing to give you a shot.  Also, keep in mind that you may need to get training on various social media management platforms like Radaar, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and others.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage social media marketer. It may seem tiring at times when you have to work long shifts on your computer and always stay on top of customer service, but you must persevere. The successful social media marketers are the ones who stick to the job and go through the harsh times. If you get really good at your job, it’s not uncommon for social media marketers to make over $50,000 per year with enough experience.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com: This platform will teach you the skills you need to become a creative writer.Course:  Search for the course “Social Media Marketing for Small Business by Martin Waxman”
  • Upwork.com: This is a platform will help you find new work when you’re trained as a social media marketer.

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