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What Does a Teenage Survey Taker do?

A survey taker is a teen that will answer questions about themselves sent out by a company and get paid for doing so. A lot of companies need information from the public. For example, a food company might want to know what people want to eat. A way to find out what people want to eat is by sending out surveys to people to fill out and then they can get paid. This is usually done through other platforms that are responsible for distributing the survey to the takers like you. You will fill out a survey with information and get paid through the platform where you signed up.

How Much Does a Teenage Survey Taker Get Paid?

As a survey taker, you will earn around a dollar per survey filled out. This is one of the main problems with being a survey taker. There is relatively low pay, since the companies need a lot of information from many people. Another big problem with this is the privacy of your information. Oftentimes when you fill out a survey, companies will then turn around and sell the information you provided to them to other companies, which can lead to you getting a ton of junk mail at home and spam mail in your email inbox. Survey takers are paid little, but it’s really a pretty easy job. If you can fill out 5 surveys a day and get paid $1 for each of them, you’ll make roughly $150 per month which isn’t too bad if you’re saving up for something.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Survey Taker?

1)  Before you begin, you’ll want to create a spare email for survey filling. A lot of surveys will sell your email to other companies that will send you many promotions and pesky advertisements. Although this is irritating, an easy solution is to create a spare email for all of these advertisements. Survey filling is a risky job, and you have to take these precautions to prevent your computer from malicious software and your email from spam. You can register an email account at Gmail, which is a good place because they do a great job of filtering out most spam anyway.

2)  Once you’ve registered an email, you can now sign up at survey websites. Some survey filling websites include:

3)  Attach a payment method to your accounts. The best way to do this is to set up a PayPal account where you can receive your funds. You can also redeem your cash for gift cards on some websites where they will provide you with an online link for your gift card. But if you want to have full control of where your money goes, you should use PayPal, and you can sign up at their website. After you sign up, just link it with your survey taker account.

4)  Congrats, you’re officially a teenage survey taker. This is not a career you can plan on doing in the future, but if you want to make some money quickly and easily in a month or two, this might be a great solution for you.

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