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What Does a Teenage Video Editor do?

A video editor assembles and edits raw footage and video into something suitable for broadcasting and edits it to look like a polished video. They will use sound effects, music, footage, and other techniques to enhance the quality of a video, so more people will want to watch the video. Basically, they turn a bunch of different video and audio clips into the finished product. In this position, you’ll be responsible for rendering and fine-tuning video, audio, and using computer software to assemble all raw footage. There are many people you can work for as a video editor, like a news broadcaster or youtuber and there are plenty of opportunities to find work.

How Much Does a TeenageVideo EditorGet Paid?

As a video editor just getting started, you can expect to earn somewhere around $8-$12 per hour. The good news though is that if you decide on this career path, senior video editors earn around $70,000 and as high as $100,000 a year. That being said, when starting out you will make much less but it’s a good idea to start now.This is a job with a lot of potential if you are good at it, and there is a lot of demand in the market. The biggest issue with becoming a video editor the fact that it is hard to find work as a freelancer online. You won’t have a stable amount of work as you are not working with a firm, since working with a firm requires a lot of experience. So, you’ll most likely be a freelancer online, but it’s still possible to find work if you know where to look.

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Video Editor?

  1. Before you begin, you’ll want to determine the program you want to use. There are many video editing programs out there, all with their own pros and cons. You want to find the one that suits you most, since you will have to become extremely familiar with the program. Different programs have different purposes, so you want to find one that is for general video editing, so you can be open to all the video editing jobs. You can find the program you want by looking at this infographic. It shows all the software with their abilities, while comparing them to their price. Since you’re just starting out, we feel it’s best that you use Adobe premiere because it works on both PC’s and Mac computers, and also consider using a tool like Video Solo to cut/slice other videos to splice into your own.
  2. Now that you’ve determined which program you want to use, you’ll want to take some lessons on how to use those programs. You can do this by taking lessons on Lynda.com. and the course that we recommend to search for Adobe Premiere is “Premiere Pro CC Essential Training: The Basics by Ashley Kennedy”. Once you’ve taken this course, you should have basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere.
  3. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the software, you can now find a job and apply. The best way for video editors is to use sites like Upwork. On Upwork, there are many people that need your video-editing services. You can find a lot of jobs there and apply, but make sure you do everything for a very low cast in the beginning. This way, you can learn while making money. As you work with more clients, feel free to increase your hourly rate and in time you’ll be making $20 or even $30 per hour.
  4. Congrats, you’re officially a teenage video editor. It may take a lot of time to find a freelance job, but it will be smooth sailing once you do. Who knows, maybe you can get hired at a firm in the future and become an extremely successful video editor. People who are good at video editing will have a very successful career in the future.

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Helpful Resources

  • Lynda.com: This platform will teach you the skills you need to become a teen SEO specialist..Course: ​Search “Premiere Pro CC Essential Training: The Basics by Ashley Kennedy” and choose the most recent course.
  • Adobe Premiere: This is the video editing software that we recommend you train yourself in.
  • Upwork.com: This will help you find new work when you’re trained as a video editor.
  • Video Editing Software Infographic: This infographic will help you understand all of the different video editing software out there.

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