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Many teens wonder if it is proper etiquette to call an employer after submitting a resume. The following article covers specific topics so you know how to communicate with a company once you’ve provided your qualifications. Topics included in this article cover the following:

  • Following Up after Submitting a Resume
  • How to Send a Follow-up Email
  • Making Up a Follow-up Phone Call
  • What to Say if You Reach the Hiring Manager or Employer
  • Show Professional Courtesy
  • Questions to Ask if You Follow Up
  • Always be Respectful of an Employer’s Time
  • How to Make Yourself Stand Out

Following Up after Submitting a Resume

If you have not heard from the hiring manager after you have submitted a resume, a follow-up may be in order. If you still have not heard back after two weeks, you should make contact. Most employers or recruitment agencies prefer that you send an e-mail. By choosing this form of contact, they can record the message and can respond more quickly and efficiently.  If you do not have a contact e-mail for the employer, then you should call the company or send a letter in the postal mail.

Today, due to technological advancement, the follow-up process is getting more efficient as many tools that handle the entire recruitment process are available. The top platforms in the industry are are FreshTeam, FactoHR, Jobvite, etc. that remain helpful for both the recruiters and the candidates to view and update the status of their resumes within a minimal time span. Such an approach makes the communication process with the employer more simplified and time-effective as you’re both seeing the same information.  

How to Send a Follow-up Email

Most follow-ups will involve sending an e-mail. When sending this type of message, insert the title of the job in the e-mail’s subject line so the employer or hiring manager can quickly see the subject reference of the e-mail. When writing the e-mail, begin by typing a polite salutation, including the contact person’s name. For instance, the e-mail may be formatted like the following:

Subject: [Title of Job – Applicant’s First and Last Names]

Dear Mr. /Ms. [Last Name]:


Thanks very much for your review and consideration.


[First Name and Last Name]

E-mail Address

Telephone Number

Making a Follow-up Phone Call

When you make a follow-up telephone call, try to call the contact person either early or later in the day. People are less likely to be away from their desks or at a meeting during these times. Attempt to make a call a couple times before leaving a short message. Leave the name of the job title as well as you name. Thank the employer for his or her review and consideration. Also, tell them that, if required, you will be happy to confirm any information displayed on your resume. Always leave your phone number to make it easy for them to contact you.

What to Say if Your Reach the Hiring Manager or Employer

If you do reach the hiring manager, always speak briefly and quickly come to the point. Provide your name and the job to which you applied. Ask that he or she contact you if they need further information or more clarification about certain items on your resume. Before hanging up, thank them for their time and review and ask if you can provide a phone number where they can contact you.

Show Professional Courtesy

Whenever you follow up, always show professional courtesy. At this point, you can either make or break your chances for proceeding in the hiring process. So, you want to make it clear that you are interested in the job and that you are eager to pursue an interview. Always thank the employer or hiring manager for reviewing your qualifications.

Questions to Ask if You Follow UP

When speaking over the phone, you may ask any of the following questions:

  • What is the next phase of the hiring process?
  • Are all the candidates phoned or contacted?
  • Do you need any additional information regarding my skills or qualifications for the job?
  • How many candidates will be scheduled for an interview?

Always Be Respectful of an Employer’s Time

When calling an employer or hiring manager too, always consider their time and ask if it is a good time to talk or if he or she would prefer you call back later. Whether you make contact by phone or e-mail, never contact an employer more than twice unless they ask you to do so.

How to Make Yourself Stand Out

When making contact, don’t just ask if your resume was received. Underscore your specific experiences and skills and how they can benefit a company. Keep the focus on the business and how it will benefit by having you as an employee.

For example, if you have a strong interest in fashion and are applying for a sales job at fashion store, you want to emphasize your skills to the employer. Demonstrate to the employer how you can help his or her company succeed, thereby further distinguishing your qualifications.

So, have you submitted a resume and are still wondering where you stand? Are you ready to contact an employer? What do you plan to write or say?

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