What to Bring to Your First Job Interview

If you are interviewing for your first job, you may wonder if you need to bring any specific paperwork. The following information should provide you with the needed details so you are well-equipped to interview. Once you reach the stage where you are called for an interview, it means the following:

  • Your application or resume shows that you are qualified to do the job.
  • The employer who has called you for an interview believes you are one of the top candidates for the advertised job.
  • You have to prove that you are qualified and that you should be selected for employment.

Topics Covered in the Article

In order to prove you are qualified and are the best candidate, you need to make sure you are prepared to interview. Therefore, this article reviews the following topics:

  • Make a Checklist of What to Bring to Your Interview
  • The Importance of a Resume
  • Writing Utensils
  • Carry a Notepad
  • Bring References to Support Your Character and Qualifications
  • Contact Details and Qualifications
  • Gum or Mints
  • Portfolio or Folder

Make a Checklist of What to Bring to Your Interview

If you are interviewing, you will need to create a checklist of what you will need to bring to the employer. After all, the main activity that every interview entails is being well-prepared. So, you need to ensure that you have certain documents and items in tow for your first interview experience. By bringing all the necessary documentation and items for an interview, you will be better able to answer questions and engage in the ensuing conversation.

The Importance of a Resume

A resume may not be required for every position. However, it never hurts to have copies on hand when you are applying for jobs and going on interviews. If you do not have a resume made, you need to compile a profile and use a template online to create your CV.  Most importantly, make sure you match the right type of CV to the job role you are going for. Each resume should be geared to the job to which you are applying.  Each resume should be geared to the job to which you are applying.

Writing Utensils

Always bring a pen and notepad to an interview. Even if you do not use the items, you will still look like you mean business if you have a pen and paper on your person. When you carry a pen, it “marks” the difference between being well-prepared or disorganized – all which says a great deal to a potential employer.

Carry a Notepad

Naturally, you should not carry a pen without a notepad. A notepad is an invaluable item as it can be used to jot down such things as contact information or location details about drug testing facility. Carrying a notepad is the same as carrying a pen. It demonstrates to an employer that you are organized and well-prepared.

Bring References to Support Your Character and Qualifications

You also should bring references to your interview. So, think of three people who can vouch for you who are not family. You should feel confident that each person will respond to an employer’s inquiries. Therefore, make sure you include individuals who you can notify ahead of time about a possible contact. Once you have determined who to use as references, write down each of their full names, telephone number, and indicate how they know you. Type and print out a list, providing a copy for each person with whom you will be interviewing.

Contact Details and Directions

If you are confused about how to get to the interview location, you will need to print out the driving instructions. The last thing you want to do is to get lost and be late for your interview appointment. Better yet, print out the driving directions off of Google and drive to the location ahead of time yourself. That way, you can be assured of what to expect when the day finally arrives for your scheduled appointment.  In addition, write down the contact details of the interviewer. Should anything go wrong, you will be able to easily contact him or her and reschedule an appointment.

Gum or Mints

While you do not want to be chewing gum during an interview. It does not hurt to chew gum or pop a mint in your mouth before you go in and talk to a potential employer. Spit out the gum in a tissue and throw it away before you enter a building for a scheduled interview.

Portfolio or Folder

Because you want to bring your notepad and pen and resume and references, make sure you have something in which to carry them. A slim-line neat folder or portfolio will keep everything organized, intact, and in one place. Organize each item in the order you which to present it or make sure it can be removed for easy use.

When you are interviewing for a job interview then, make sure you carry the above items with you. By taking this approach, you will make the experience less stressful and a more positive interaction.

So, are you ready to interview? Do you feel you need to carry anything else with you? If so, what is it? What do you believe is the best way to carry the aforementioned items or present them to an employer?

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