What to wear to first interview

What to Wear to Your First Job Interview

The following topics cover interview apparel for a first interview. However, before you decide what type of clothes to wear, make sure you remember this – never be late to an interview. It will not matter what you wear if you show up late for the appointment. It will only serve to eliminate you from an employer’s list of job candidates.

After all, any employer wants to be able to count on you. So, he wants to make sure you will show up for work on-time. Therefore, stepping into the door of a company after the scheduled interview time is not a good idea. It simply will not matter if you are professionally dressed.

In this article, we will cover the following topics with respect to interview clothes for a first-time interview.

  • Interview Attire for a Teen Applicant
  • Keep the Focus on Modest and Tasteful
  • Button-down Shirts and Polo Shirts
  • What to Wear in Footwear
  • Dressing Up Your Look
  • Remove Any Distractions
  • Avoid Dressing too Casual
  • Less is More
  • Keep Everything Neutral and Streamlined

Interview Attire for a Teen Applicant

Generally, the type of attire you will wear for an interview will depend on the type of job to which you are applying, your gender, and the company. For example, what you wear to a job interview at Target may be slightly different than what you would wear to a job opening at a restaurant.

However, since this is your first job interview, it is good to concentrate on what is practical to wear for a high school teen. Because most teens in high school are not interviewing for professional positions, they can focus on clothing that is a bit more casual in nature. However, that does not mean you can wear jeans or too trendy of style. Keep the focus on professional casual looks instead.

Keep the Focus on Modest and Tasteful

Teens looking for work who are still in high school normally are seeking a volunteer job, work as a babysitter or work in a restaurant or store. So, again, you do not have to wear a business suit for your first interview. However, you do want to look well-dressed. That means the clothing your wear should be in good condition, wrinkle-free, and proper for the workplace. Most employers worry about a teen’s level of maturity. Therefore, it is important to convey a modest and tasteful look when it comes to grooming and dress.

Button-down Shirts and Polo Shirts

Regardless of whether you are a young woman or man, a button-down shirt is appropriate. A polo-style shirt is also fine for certain jobs that are listed in the summertime. Because polo-styled shirts are more casual, make sure your dress or slacks are modest and professional. For example khakis or a modest-length skirt, go well with a polo shirts.

Young male teens might also consider choosing a button-down shirt with short sleeves for a summertime interview. The shirt is laid-back and relaxed but also shows the teen’s clothing choice is conservative. Pair the shirt with khakis for a first-time interview.

What to Wear in Footwear

Also take note – what you wear in footwear is also important. For example, young women or men should never wear sandals or sneakers. Rather, it is better to pair polo shirts, button down shirts, and modest skirts or khakis with penny loafers, or, in the case of women, black ballet-type shoes. Veer clear of wearing high heels.

Dressing Up Your Look

If you are applying to a job that requires a dressier look, but not one that necessitates a blazer and tie, you might consider layering your style. Wear a button-down sweater with a button-down shirt and khakis or a skirt. Even better – if you have various sweaters and button-down shirts and a couple pair of khakis or several skirts, you can expand your interview attire and choose just the right look specific jobs.

Remove Any Distractions

Remember to keep your look streamlined and remove any distractions. For example, young women should not wear dangling earrings or show off an arm-load of bracelets. Young men should wear no more than a watch. If you have piercings and tattoos, it is best to take out the rings and try to cover or hide the markings.

Avoid Dressing Too Casual

You should also avoid dressing too casual. That means you should never wear a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or hoody. If your pants or skirt feature belt loops, wear a belt. Make sure the belt matches your shoes, handbag or clothing. If you are a teen girl and wearing a skirt, always wear pantyhose to an interview.

Less is More

When it comes to a hair style or makeup, remember that less is more. Never overdo it in this regard. Keep your hairstyle simple – no large hair clips or scrunchies. You want the interviewer to focus on your qualifications, not on your hair clip, tattoos, or eyeliner. Teen women should make sure that their nail polish is conservative (not too bright) and that their nails are not too long. Less is more when you are applying for a job.

Keep Everything Neutral and Streamlined

In addition, you do not want to overpower anyone with your perfume or cologne. Again, you want to avoid any distractions and keep your interview activities on track. That means colors should be neutral, makeup and jewelry should be down-played, and your handbag or portfolio should be streamlined – designed to hold your resume.

So, when it comes to interview attire, you want to avoid wearing a candy apple shirt, high heels, or coloring your hair in blue. Keep everything on-course by maintaining a neutral and casual but business-like type of appearance.

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