What should a teenager bring to a job interview

What should a teenager bring to a job interview?

You have submitted your resume and application and have gotten a call for an interview. You are both excited and terrified. Now what? Even if you have interviewed for a job before, it is understandable that you feel nervous. Especially if it is a job that you really want.

While there are things about the interview that you can’t control, like what questions you will be asked, being as prepared as possible will help you feel less nervous and help show what a great candidate you are for the job.

This blog post will cover the following:

  • Basic things to bring
  • Resumes, references and questions
  • Bring your confidence

Basic Things to Bring

Some things that you will want to bring to the interview are so simple that they are easy to forget. For example, you will want to bring a pen and a notepad and have them be easily accessible.

When interviewing, having a notepad and pen available to take notes will show that you are taking the job opportunity seriously and that you want to be able to take note of key points. Having both the pen and notepad someplace easy to access will help to keep you from looking disorganized, like you might if you have to go digging in your purse for a pen.

Prior to leaving for your interview, make sure to have directions written down, along with the name of the contact person. It is important to be on time for your interview, so make sure you have a good idea as to where you are going so you are not late.

When you arrive, you will want to ask for the correct person, rather than flipping through notes to find the name or not knowing who to say you have an appointment with. Not having the name handy may make you appear disorganized and you will feel flustered as a result.

It will be helpful to use a folder to keep all of this information in. A folder will help you stay organized and ensure that what you need for the interview is in one place and easy to locate.

Resumes, References and Questions

There are a few other things to include in the folder you take to job interviews. First you will want to bring along a few copies of your most updated resume. While the person or persons interviewing you may have already printed out a copy for your interview, they will welcome your offer of your resume.

In addition to showing that you are prepared for your interview, having a few copies of your resume with you will also be helpful if you have made some updates to it since you submitted it for the job that you are interviewing for. You can let the interviewer know that you have an updated copy for them to include with your application.

Even if you have included references when you applied for the job, include a few copies of a printed reference list in your folder. At the interview, you may be asked for your references and it will show that you are well prepared when you can just reach into your folder and submit a list.

Before leaving for your interview, it is a good idea to consider a few questions you have about the job or the employer and write them down on your notepad. There are several reasons why it makes sense to have questions prepared.

It is helpful to calm your nerves when interviewing to remember that while they employer is interviewing you, this is your opportunity to interview them. They may think you are a great fit for the job, but if the job is offered to you, it is your decision as to whether you feel the job is right for you.

The best way to know if a job is right for you is to ask questions that will help you to get an idea of whether it will be a good fit. Take the time to consider what you feel is important to know about the job that will help you make the best decision.

Some possible questions include:

  • Can you describe the training that is offered for this position?
  • What do you feel is the most important skill for this position?
  • How would you describe your management style?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenge of this position?

While asking questions will help you get an idea of whether this is the job for you, it will show the employer that you are serious about the opportunity and in making sure that it is one that you truly want.

Employers want to hire someone who would like to be there rather than someone who will just take a job that is offered. Asking questions will show that you are genuinely interested in knowing more.

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Bring your Confidence

The most important thing to bring to the job interview is yourself and your confidence. It is understandable that you will be nervous. Consider the things that will help you to feel good about yourself. Choose an outfit you feel good about wearing and style you hair in a way that helps you feel comfortable.

Review, either with yourself or a friend, all of the reasons why you are a good fit for this job. Practice answering possible questions from the interviewer so that you feel prepared and confident that you are going to do well on your interview.

Put together the folder of things you will bring to the interview ahead of time so that you don’t feel rushed and can feel confident that you have everything you need to be prepared and make a good impression on the person interviewing you.

By preparing ahead of time and bringing the things described, you will help your confidence and show that you are organized and well-prepared, things that are a definite plus to the person interviewing you for the job.

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