How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Little Caesars

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Little Caesars?

When it comes to getting an entry-level job at Little Caesars as a part-time crew member, you must be at least 16 years old. If you want to be a part-time assistant manager, you must be at least 18 years old and have your high school diploma or GED. There is also some equipment in the restaurant that you must be 18 years old to operate.

Little Caesars is the fastest-growing pizza chain on the planet, and after sixty years it is still family-owned and operated. The company considers their employees to be part of a family who works hard and plays hard.

Little Caesars is more of a fast-food type restaurant, with, “Hot-n-Ready,” pizza that customers can walk-in and grab from the Pizza Portal or order at the counter. This means that they do not have servers or delivery drivers.

Teen Jobs at Little Caesars and Age Requirements

Crew Member  (Hourly)

Being a crew member at Little Caesars means that you will learn how to do just about every job in the store― from cashier to cook. You are part of a team at Little Caesars, and everyone performs their assigned job responsibilities so that the pizza is high quality and customers are happy.

Crew members are expected to serve customers according to the Little Caesars Customer Service Standards and the Five Priority Guidelines. They must also follow all telephone and counter procedures.

Job responsibilities include taking customer orders, preparing the pizzas and other menu items by following company recipes, cleaning and organizing work stations, practicing safety and security procedures, and following directions from the management team.

All crew members must be able to work at different stations at any given time.

You must be at least 16 years old to work as a crew member at Little Caesars.

Assistant Manager (Hourly)

An assistant manager at Little Caesars must supervise the crew members to make sure they are performing their job responsibilities so the store satisfies customers and hits profitability goals. Not only are they trained to perform all of the jobs of a team member, but they must also make sure that customers are served complete, correct orders within service time goals.

Assistant managers also prepare and ensure consistent, high-quality products are served to customers, and they must follow all policies, procedures, and conduct standards. They also perform cash management responsibilities, complete all daily paperwork, and provide direction and feedback to crew members.

To work as an assistant manager at Little Caesars, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. They also prefer that you have previous restaurant experience.

Can a 15 Year Old Work at Little Caesars?

The minimum age to work at Little Caesars is 16, so 15-year-olds can’t work there. We have a page on our website specifically for 15-year-olds that you can view for more options.

Can a 16 Year Old Work at Little Caesars?

The minimum age to work at Little Caesars is 16, so 16-year-olds can work there. We also have a page on our website specifically for 16-year-olds that you can view for more options.

How Much Does Little Caesars Pay Part-Time Workers?

The hourly earnings for employees at Little Caesars vary because of state and city minimum wage laws. However, we can give you a general idea of what the hourly pay is for each position.

Crew Member (Hourly + Tips)

As a crew member at Little Caesars, you will be making somewhere between minimum wage and $13. You will most likely be starting out at minimum wage, especially if this is your first job.

The average hourly base rate for a Little Caesars crew member is $8.

Assistant Manager  (Hourly)

The rate of pay for assistant managers is between minimum wage and $13 an hour. Because this is a supervisory role, do not be afraid to negotiate a higher rate than minimum wage.

The average hourly base rate for a Little Caesars assistant manager is $9.

How Much Experience Do You Need to Work at Little Caesars?

Little Caesars is an entry-level friendly company, so you can apply without any prior experience and get hired as a crew member. However, if you have some work experience, it could get you a higher hourly pay rate and move you faster into supervisory and management positions.

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview at Little Caesars?

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain, so when you show up for your interview, you will want to look nice and be dressed in business casual attire.  Consider something like a buttoned-down shirt with nice slacks and dress shoes. You do not want to show up too casual in a t-shirt and jeans.

Little Caesars Interview Questions

At a Little Caesars interview, you will talk with at least one manager.  Here are some questions that they have been known to ask.

Can you work well as part of a team?

Why are they asking?  

If they ask you this, they are trying to find out how comfortable you are working in a team environment. There are no jobs in the restaurant that require you to work all by yourself, so they want to make sure you work well with others.

What’s the ideal answer?

Honesty is the best policy. Let them know how good you are with people and be prepared to give examples if you have previous job experience. If Little Caesars would be your first job, then give examples of working with people in team sports or school activities.

How would you handle a difficult customer?

Why are they asking?  

While most of your customers will be happy and satisfied with their experience, you will more than likely come across an angry customer every now and then. When this happens, they are wondering how you will handle the situation, and if it fits with their company policy.

What’s the ideal answer?

You want to tell the interviewer that if you come across a difficult customer, you will ask them what you can do to make them happy and fix the problem. If it is something that you can’t take care of, then you will go get a manager and let them take care of it. Always mention following company policy in your answer because that it is extremely important.

Why do you want to work at Little Caesars?

Why are they asking?  

If a manager asks you this question, they are trying to get you to sell yourself, but they are also trying to find out how much you know about the company. Part of your job at Little Caesars will be giving amazing customer service, and that requires strong verbal communication skills.

When they ask you this question, they are wanting to find out how well you can communicate, while being positive and professional. They also want to know if you can sell yourself. If you can do that, you can sell their products.

What’s the ideal answer?

Know your strengths. If you get asked this question, tell them how you will benefit their business. They want to hear that you have above average verbal communication skills, have a friendly and upbeat demeanor, and can help customers with their orders quickly and accurately.

Tell them that you are a reliable worker who will show up to work on time for every scheduled shift. If you want a career with the company, definitely let them know because there are a lot of opportunities for advancement.

Benefits of Working at Little Caesars

Everyone who works at Little Caesars can get an order of crazy bread for fifty cents. But, the benefits are limited to full-time workers only.

Benefits include:

  • Paid time off and paid sick days
  • Vacation
  • 401K
  • Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance
  • Performance Bonus

What it’s Like to Work at Little Caesars

How to Apply at Little Caesars

If you are interested in working at Little Caesars, the best place to find up-to-date job listings is on the company website. You can also find listings at sites like GlassDoor and Indeed. Once you fill out an application, it will be sent to the specific store you want to work at.

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